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I want to take a second and introduce SENSUAL SECRETS. This is something you've never seen before. It's wonderful…it's not a novel…it's not a book of poems…it's something MAGNIFICENT!
The concept for SENSUAL SECRETS: Not Your Mother's Coffee Table Book came to me in the Fall of 2016. I enjoy writing erotic shorts, snippets of stories, kernels of revelation, simple moments where we can dip our toes into a sensual world, a place where we can dream and play. Enter a world of luscious thoughts and decadent desires. Within these pages you will find a momentary escape from the real world as you sink into a reality where fact and fiction combine to sweep you away into an unadulterated fantasy.
Why is it called Not Your Mother's Coffee Table Book?
Because, the stories and images inside this book are not fit for younger eyes. They are however, meant to inspire your imagination; to take you on a sensual journey into what if and what may be. It's a key to the discovery of the soul, a path less taken, a road you will want to travel again and again. It's something to share with your lover. You'll want to keep it close at hand.
Under your pillow might just be the perfect place!
WATCH the TRAILER: https://youtu.be/FU5-8rZtE9U
Sensual Secrets is meant to be read as a Coffee Table Book. To purchase your signed papberback/hardback copy ==> fill out this easy form and follow directions for payment. https://goo.gl/forms/DA7wDWJuNI0UHV9H3
An economical alternative is to purchase the ebook version available on Amazon, also available on KindleUnlimited: ==> books2read.com/SensualSecrets
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