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My Books

The Angel Fire Rock Romance Series

Contemporary Rockstar Romance

HI 2nd COVER ebook ASHES TO NEW Cohesive Cover file Hearts Desire Coming Soon ebook

Erotic BDSM


EM_Changing Roles Off Duty ebook NONDISCLOSURE_Fidelityworld

The Collective Series

1thecollectiveEM Becoming His LTB BT COVER

Romantic Suspense


twist-of-fate-cover The Starling Coming Soon

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Finding Peace EBOOK Large

A Collection of Passionate Poems and Sensul Shorts

amazon-kindle-cover  <== EBOOK    Paperback/Hardback ==>  cover

Ellie Masters writing as L.A. Warren

Vendel Rising: a YA Science Fiction series with romantic elements

Coming Fall 2018

VR It Begins with the end


Delve into my thoughts, as erratic as they are, and we’ll have fun being deviant together.

About Ellie Masters

Just enjoying and exploring a passion for writing science fiction, fantasy, and romance...
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