Erotic Short–Down


“It doesn’t matter,” he said, silencing my arguments. I was tired and very much not in the mood. I had things to do, dinner to cook, laundry to fold, and a dishes to clean. Why he insisted on this daily ritual escaped me at times. Didn’t he know what it took to keep our house in order?

The steady press of his hand pushed me down. The glare in his eyes told me not to argue. Hard, unyielding wood pushed against my knees. Opening my mouth to protest rewarded me with three of his fingers shoved inside.

“Shush, baby.” His fingers curled against my tongue and mastered my jaw. I was literally in his grip now.

Dark chocolate eyes gazed down at me. “Pull it out, and stroke me.” His low hum of pleasure filled the entry hall of our home. Not two steps inside our home and already I held his cock. “That’s it babe.”

He withdrew his fingers from my mouth, dragging them along my lower lip. Lustful desire flashed in his eyes as he stared down at me. “This is how every man should be greeted by his wife at the end of a long day, don’t you think?”

I glanced up at my husband, all thoughts of fatigue vanished as I witnessed the hunger displayed in his eyes. His long, hard cock bobbed between us, insistent and needful. I leaned forward and licked his stomach. A tantalizing tease of the pleasure I was soon to visit upon him and gave him my sweetest smile. “Yes, Master.”

I took him into my mouth, slowly, drawing out his pleasure. He hissed at the contact and tilted his head back, biting his lower lip as pleasure surged through his body with the very first pull of my lips down his hardened shaft.

He smiled. “Those are the two best words you ever said after ‘I do’.”

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  1. Very hot! I really enjoyed this.

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