Review of Deliver by Author Pam Godwin

10506925_10205730913289524_3295725922118159146_oA stand alone follow-on to the book Deliver, a must read of its own, Vanquish is a ride into the deepest, darkest depths of a romantic, psychological, erotic, pick you apart, and leave you wanting more and more and more. It’s a rollercoaster ride you don’t want to ever get off.

Pam Godwin has done it again with this latest installment. After each book of hers, I’m left wondering how she manages to take characters I shouldn’t like and turn them into people I can’t help but love.

Amber is an agoraphobic, OCD, shut-in with too many issues to count. She’s quirky and loveable, but broken and so crippled by mental illness it’s difficult to see how she can survive. Her inner resilience is what captivated me though, and kept me rooting for her from beginning to end. She’s crazy, no doubt about that, but also brave and smart. She’s not afraid to face her demons head on, whether they’re in her head or standing right in front of her in the form of Van Quiso. And she’s not one to allow something as simple as captivity to get her down. Amber fights Van with a wit and tenacity all her own. She’s crazy, but in a loveable way, and I have to admit there were times I was crazy jealous of her? Why? Well, have I mentioned Van?

He’s no hero. He’s the most despicable character I’ve ever met. Yet, Pam Godwin has this incredible skill to transform even the most horrible anti-hero into this sexy, loveable guy you want to curl up with and do all those things your mother warned you about. He’s SEXY AS HELL. I want to eat him up. But he’s twisted ten ways to Sunday. There’s not a character out there with a past as convoluted as Van’s. He’s a professed sadist, kidnapper, rapist, murderer, and trained sex slaves for eight years. That’s exactly what he has in mind for Amber. So how can anyone empathize with such a deplorable man? Well…

I never expected to find a warm, vulnerable heart beneath that dark hoodie, or a caring guy with such a rich sense of humor sitting behind his cold calculating stalker-ish persona. I can only tell you Van surprised me in so many ways. He’s incredibly flawed, a villain really, but in spite of his past mistakes, he strives to be a better man. Somehow…it happens.

All I can say is…you have to read this book!

Pam Goodwin has woven a dark masterpiece of two people, broken beyond repair, who find healing through passion, fear, trust and love. It’s a fascinating tale of the resiliency of the human soul told by a genius storyteller with an incredible gift with words. She hooks you with the first phrase and doesn’t let you go until the very last line. At the end you don’t even realize what’s happened to you, and have to pause to let it all sink in. Then you flip back to the first page, hungry to read it all again…

Loved. Every. Freakin’. Word.

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