Erotic Short: Shush

“Stop, just stop.” The rumble of his sultry voice stopped me in my tracks.

Of course I struggled. My one last act of desperation needed its release.

His fingers curved around my jaw and clamped me in place. “You can not run from me…from this.”

A defeated sigh released from my lips while his hand tightened against my throat. “But…”

“Stop. You belong to me. You always have.”

Only it never felt that way. There were always other women. Beautiful, exotic, sensual, and promiscuous women flinging themselves at him, virtually crawling to worship at his feet. There were always more of them waiting. Like this last one who’d flung herself at him the moment I left his side to take a call. I suppose I expected one day my fear would come true. He would leave me.

But he held me in his grip, tightening his hold around my neck, possessing me. “I will never let you go.”

And with those words he nuzzled my neck and ever so gently nipped the tip of my earlobe. His free hand reached down to cup my ass and the depth of his breathing intensified. His hunger built and his hips rocked forward pressing the bulge of his erection against my hip.

“Come, let me show you how much I want you.”

About Ellie Masters

Just enjoying and exploring a passion for writing science fiction, fantasy, and romance...
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