Erotic Short: You Part II


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The Deep Dark closed around the gathering, shrouding us all in its cloak of nothing. For me, I accept the lack of light. I’d long since abandoned hope and embraced my fate.

You were but a sound to me, a twisting mass of male bulk, breathing hard, being maneuvered over the pit by your captors. Beneath your feet ‘He’ waited to rip and rend your flesh. His superior strength would no doubt pulverize you within moments. None of his bouts lasted more than a few of my strangled breaths. Each one brought him a step closer to his prize.

Me. His rut. My ruin.

The platform swayed beneath your feet. Your chains clanged.

Briefly, I wondered if they would hand you the key. They didn’t always. Not that you’d have much time during the drop. I already counted you among the dead.

I didn’t know why I wasted breath on you at all. Except He was a monster and, even if you were as bad as him, a win today would only earn your first look at your future prize.

I’d have four more weeks, four more opportunities for another monster to take your place.

A guttural laugh signaled the beginning. From the rustling beside you, I deduced they’d given you a key. You would have to decide whether to waste time unlocking your chains or bracing for your fall.

Beside me, Ranckor’s breath filled the air with his foul smell. “This one is strong, but Icknor gave him a false key. What do you tihink will happen when I drop him?”

My conditioning kept my revulsion in check. Ranckor’s kind would fuck me if they could, but our body parts were incompatible. They got off on the fight for dominance, by the men who fought for the privilege to fuck, and by me who struggled against my rape.

With a slurp of his forked tongue, Ranckor pulled the chain.

You dropped to battle for your life and for the right to lay eyes on your prize. Me.

I prayed it was you who climbed out of the pit whole. I wanted to know what you looked like too.

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