Erotic Short: You Part V…(Me)


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I dropped into the pit. The meager floor of the platform swung away beneath my feet.

Two meters? Who could tell in the infernal dark? My far vision couldn’t keep up with the speed of my fall. I saw nothing, felt only the rush of air lifting the downy hairs covering my skin.

I didn’t brace for impact, but rather let my legs absorb the shock, tucking and rolling with the momentum of the two meter fall.

Fortunate move. The whoosh of air over my head proclaimed the answer to what I’d already guessed. I was not alone. And whoever shared this decrepit pit did not desire my company.

A low throaty growl accompanied the swing and he jumped into the space I’d vacated with my roll. By now, I’d maneuvered into a crouch, eyes finally readjusting back into far vision to take in my surroundings.

A pit. Sheer walls, unscalable. Although from the looks of it many had tried. Uneven terrain, which put me at disadvantage. He knew this ground, whereas I did not. I shifted position, moving in the quiet way of my kind.

“Where are you!” He flailed with his arms. I admired the lethal musculature of a warriors’ body, alien thought it was, assessing the threat. “I will kill you!” Taller, broader, and carrying more muscle than me, he certainly could. I didn’t relish the fight to come.

Although, we had yet to determine the outcome of our contest. At least now I knew what to expect. Only one of us was getting out of this alive. Whether that winner made it out of the pit, I would have to learn.

But, I’d already decided who the victor would be. My life, I’d already abandoned. Disgrace set me on a certain path. However, that female would be feasted upon unless I did something to prevent it.

So, I circled my opponent. He, like the female, appeared blind in the gloom, although his hearing seemed acute enough to track my movement. He cocked his head, straining it seemed to place me. I wasn’t going to let that happen.

I sprang. Claws drawn. Fangs bared. Death on my mind.

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