Book Review: NO Mercy … Lucian Bane


NO MERCY is a continuation of ‘Mercy,’ but don’t worry if you haven’t read Mercy. Lucian Bane does a great job of summarizing the salient points so that you won’t be floundering. You’ll still enjoy the ride…and this is ONE WILD RIDE! The author’s disclaimer is there for a reason, pay heed to it.
The action starts from the very first word, grips you hard in that first sentence and whips you around, jerking left, right, up, down…a rollercoaster of intensity… and that’s all just with the first page. It’s dark, twisted, and have I mentioned insane? NO? Well, yeah, it’s pretty insane. And, yet, within that insanity is the terrifying grip of an intense love leaping off the page, and an overwhelming desire for that love to survive. AND THEN…just when there’s a moment’s pause, when all the twists and turns have stopped knotting your gut…the bottom drops out again…and hang on tight!

This is a fast paced read and well worth the wait. NO MERCY hits all the adrenaline buttons, and yes, there let us not forget those steamy erotic scenes…

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