BOOK Review: The Magician, by Ethan Radcliffe


This short story from Ethan Radcliff. It’s a quick and sexy read, which follows the exploits of a male escort. Okay…any questions? I mean that says so much…as in, go one-click this baby and enjoy a few hours of sinful escape.

Hot and steamy….yes! I’m talking about the sex scenes, but to be honest, Ethan Radcliff writes so much more. His stories are spectacular. His poems are erotic brilliance…really you can’t go wrong. This story moves fast, one encounter after the next, this may be a negative for some, but this is a man writing from a man’s point of view. Take it for all the brilliance and insight it is, and really this story is about a man who loves women…cherishes them in fact. We need more of this in our erotic repertoire.

I say BRAVO! If you have a moment, slip into this sensual read…okay, immerse yourself in the erotic magnificence of Ethan Radcliff! There, I said it. Have fun. Indulge. Explore. And a measure of caution…read this alone…or in the presence of others with great care! It’s panty melting HOT!51yTRQAQgTL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

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  1. Leah Negron says:

    Do you ever leave the buy links for the books? Love you, Leah

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