BOOK REVIEW: Book 1: The MASTERED Saga by K.L. Silver

For those loving an intense read exploring the aspects of a BDSM lifestyle, this is the book for you. For those questioning if the BDSM lifestyle holds an interest, then pick up this book NOW. K.L. Silver’s book is an awesome read about the lifestyle, exploring the depths of the dominant and submissive bond, and investing in the minds of the characters to bring the whys and hows of the Lifestyle to life.

You will care for these characters, love delving into their lives, and you can do that with these rich, 3-dimensional people! And that is the beauty here. I also enjoyed how both sides of the D/s dynamic are explored, allowing a peek into the psychology and love behind their relationship.

In the end, you will be grateful for delving in for a few hours of escape and fantasy. I wholeheartedly recommend this book. And you will thank me for suggesting this erotic and sensual ride.

About Ellie Masters

Just enjoying and exploring a passion for writing science fiction, fantasy, and romance...
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