The Ties that Bind: Auction Night…The cast of MICHELLE

Meet the cast of MICHELLE from the Auction Night series in The Ties that Bind.

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Michelle is a vivacious blonde bombshell who’s often been compared to Marilyn Monroe. Deeply submissive, she’s in love with her Dom, Tank.

Tank is an ex-Marine, ex-prize fighter, who’s built like a tank. His body is an artist’s dream of clean lines, hard edges and ripped muscles…Until you get to his face. Marred from an artillery explosion, a fine network of scars covers over half his face, and his nose has been broken so many times it finally gave up on ever being straight, and his ears are what you would expect from a boxer clubbed too many times. His face is a lumpy mess of the most imperfect beauty.

I’d love to see how you envision Tank given that description. Don’t be shy…post some inspiration in the comments below.

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