Vendel Rising

A Science Fiction romance…sort of…

When the Vendel come to Earth, they say they come as friends. Instead, they unleash untold destruction. For the Vendel return to their ancient homeland, not to destroy, but to cultivate weapons against an advancing enemy.

Emperor Gregor v’lor Malita balances the deaths of billions against the extermination of the human race. He makes an untenable choice.

Elise, selected by her genetic makeup, finds herself among a thousand survivors of the viral plague and prisoner of the Vendel. Through Vector, Activator, Blood Right, and Binding, she will be broken, bound, and rebuilt as both her body and mind are reformed to become a weapon and slave to an emperor.

Freedom for her and the other survivors drives her, but as she learns about the Vendel, she can’t help but wonder if the emperor might not have been right.

Are the Vendel truly humanity’s saviors?


To read an excerpt of Chapter 1 click here.

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