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Are second chances a myth? After twenty-five years, I expect champagne and flowers. What I get instead is heartbreak and a divorce. With my life in shambles, I hit the road and begin a voyage of self discovery and growth. When my keyboard reveals a world of sensual fantasy and dark desires, I don’t know whether to leap into the unknown or play things safe. What I do know is that I’m worth a second chance. I may be forty-five, but I’m not ready to give up on love.

✦What Reviewers are Saying✦
✦”Yet again, Ellie Masters has written a story that got me so wrapped up in the characters, the dialogue, and the scenery that I saw the movie playing in my head.”~ HG7, Goodreads reviewer
✦ “A tale of self-discovery and understanding of self-worth, written beautifully in a manner that makes this a book for anyone.”~ Mary, Goodreads reviewer
✦”Ellie Masters has written a powerful story of one woman’s journey into submission…and given us two dynamic, rich, multilayered characters in the process.” ~ Melanie, Goodreads reviewer
✦”Angie’s journey to self-rediscovery is incredible. “~ Lori, Goodreads reviewer