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The Starling

Publisher: JEM Publishing, LLC

Released April 2018

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Recruited by the FBI to investigate the theft of a Van Gogh, Vivianne Faulks must work with a man who blurs the lines between the legal and illegal sale of art. As she’s drawn further into the worlds of art auctions, international crime, and terror plots, the case threatens to uncover Faulks’ family secrets long buried since World War II. Not to mention, her enigmatic partner might be the very thief she’s been sent to catch. When her life’s put on the line, Vivianne no longer cares about recovering the stolen Van Gogh. With each twist and turn, she’s simply trying to stay alive.


Ashes to New: an Angel Fire Rock Romance, Book 1

Publisher: JEM Publishing, LLC

Released October 2016

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Not a romance. This is a story about the fiercest kind of love; about enduring, surviving, and never giving up.

“You’re beautifully broken… my summer sky, my light in the darkness.” 

**Trigger Warning**

Trapped within an abusive foster home, Elsbeth and Forest find there is light in the darkest places. With hope is as limitless as the summer sky, all they need is the love of one another to survive.

Sexually abused and tortured, they cling to each another as their only constant in a roiling sea of agony. Through it all, Elsbeth holds on to a single ray of hope. At eighteen, both she and Forest will no longer be victims of the foster care system. But time is not on their side. Master John has come for a visit. Escape is no longer an option, not if they plan to survive. Faced with a future of degradation and abuse there is but one choice left…


Heart’s Insanity: An Angel Fire Rock Romance, Book 2

Publisher: JEM Publishing, LLC

Released August 2016

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Dr. Skye Summers beat the odds, despite her past and the lingering scars, she’s thriving, curing the sick and healing the wounded. Professionally her life’s a success. Personally? She’s tired of putting up with arrogant men who think nothing of ripping out her heart. No more dating. No more relationships. No more men.

Ash is a rock star who has it all: fame, fortune, and the adoration of screaming fans, but the constant parties and endless string of one-night stands are taking their toll. He’s tired of cheap women who only want one thing. No more flings. No more empty sex. He wants something real.

When sparks ignite between him and the sassy Dr. Summers, Ash is intrigued. When she has no idea who he is, he’s fascinated. When she runs after a little innocent flirting, he’s determined to pursue. Ash is confident enough to go after what he wants, and something tells him this woman might just be worth the chase.


Heart’s Desire: An Angel Fire Rock Romance, Book 3

Publisher: JEM Publishing, LLC

Released June 2018

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TSgt Ryker Lyons is an elite member of a six-man Special Ops Surgical Team, well five men and one vexing woman. That’s a problem because Major Tia Myers is fierce, competent, utterly breathtaking, and completely immune to his charms. Teammates, buddies, perhaps reluctant friends, they’re kicking ass and saving lives. Ryker should leave it at that, but the raven-haired beauty has him risking everything to prove he’s exactly the man she needs.

When the mega rock band Angel Fire arrives on a USO tour, Ryker is given an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream, but it comes at a cost. He must choose between the music stirring his soul or the woman who’s stolen his heart.

The stakes are high, careers are at risk, but failure isn’t an option. Ryker won’t walk away from the music, and certainly not from the woman invading his dreams. He’s a man who gets what he wants, and whether Tia wants it or not, she belongs to him.

Besides, what could go wrong?


Heart’s Collide: An Angel Fire Rock Romance, Book 4

Publisher: JEM Publishing, LLC

Released July 2018

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Hearts Collide

Broken in body, mind, and spirit, complications of a severe injury plague Angel Fire’s legendary bassist. Music has abandoned Bent. He’ll never play again. Never take the stage with his bandmates. And never soak in the intoxication of the crowd.

At least that’s what he’s told his persistent physical therapist, Piper. What kind of a name is that? The woman is petite and vivacious, a pixie with red hair and a spitfire attitude. She doesn’t know when to give up, or when to shove her perpetual positivity into the deepest, darkest hole.

He’s fired her more times than he can count. She should leave him to his misery, but the woman won’t take no for an answer. She challenges him. Pushes him. Pisses him off. She turns his entire world upside down.

How does someone get rid of a perky pixie? Because Bent desperately needs Piper to leave him alone—especially now that the infuriating woman is invading his dreams and starring in his darkest fantasies.



Publisher: JEM Publishing, LLC

Released January 2018

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When Prince Richard’s latest sexual faux pas results in another royal scandal, it’s something the Crown will no longer tolerate. Paying for sex isn’t his style; it’s disgusting and beneath him, but it makes perfect sense. Infidelity provides their exclusive clientele discretion and ironclad nondisclosure agreements. What better way to explore his darker cravings without worry his sex life will become front page news.

Turns out companionship is cheap, but happiness? When Rowan leaves at the end of their year-long agreement, will he be left with the tattered remains of what could have been?

Not if he has any say, but when privilege becomes a burden, even a King will cry.


Off Duty

Publisher: JEM Publishing, LLC

Released July 2017

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Off Duty

A Hot BDSM read…

Laura Peters is at the top of her game, a trauma surgeon known far and wide for her skills. But she’s lonesome, unable to connect with people, and married to her career. She especially hates the cocky and arrogant Keith, a top notch paramedic, but in too many ways, an arrogant cock-of-the-walk sort. That man stars in her dreams far too many times to be safe. In her position, she can’t afford a schoolgirl crush, let alone the dark and twisted things she wants him to do.

Keith Evans is a paramedic, a former Navy corpsman, combat-decorated, cocksure and arrogant, but also lonely with only his demons to keep him company. The ice queen, Laura Peters, MD has caught his eye. He acknowledges her beauty, and admires her medical skills, but dislikes her frostiness, finding her heartless and cold, even robotic, not at all likeable. But her appeal as a woman keeps drawing him back, and he imagines all kinds of dark and delicious things he wants to do.

He can’t stand her, and she sure as hell hates him. One thing’s for certain: the fur is about to fly when these two are off-duty. Can they move beyond the hate and anger to explore the passions they can no longer deny?


Learning to Breathe: A Collective Novel

The Box Set

Publisher: JEM Publishing, LLC

Released May 2017

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A Contemporary Romantic Suspense/Thriller…


Since her husband’s death, Sally Levenson’s life has become dull and monotonous. She’s the county Coroner, and while the dead reveal their secrets on the exam table, she hides from the living. But hiding isn’t working anymore. Sally is trapped in a bland, colorless existence. She can’t breathe! She’s suffocating and wants more, whatever that might be.

When the dark and mysterious Derek LeMark enters her world, he opens doors to new possibilities, reveals dark desires, and challenges her to take a second chance on life. He dares her to breathe again, and promises…more. But what he offers comes at a price.

Sally must choose: take the next step, or speak the one word which will end everything before it even begins.


Twist of Fate

Publisher: JEM Publishing, LLC

Released February 2017

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A Contemporary Romantic Suspense/Thriller…

Melissa is a victim, capable of attracting only the worst kind of man. She seeks redemption for crimes she did not commit.

CJ struggles to absolve himself of an unforgivable act. He seeks salvation through heroism, but fails every day.

Our prince, a man with the blackest of hearts and an endless capacity to inflict pain, seeks validation for his work. His corruption is absolute, but even he will sacrifice for love.

Meanwhile, a man of pure evil invades their lives, weaving his sinister threads and binding their futures.

But Fate has different plans for them all. As tornados tear through the town, their lives will be uprooted, twisted, and tangled beyond what any of them could foresee.


Finding Peace

Publisher: JEM Publishing, LLC

Released September 2017

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Finding Peace

A sweet contemporary romance…

Abby Knight’s promising start as a family physician is cut short by an abusive relationship. She leaves a painful past behind and trades the hustle and bustle of city living for the more sedate pace of country life.

She’s excited to join her Uncle’s family practice in Peace Springs, Montana, and looks forward to many years working by his side.

As for relationships? Abby’s not interested. The only thing she cares about is establishing her medical practice and maybe finding a little bit of peace along the way.

However, a freak blizzard in May, quirky llamas, and a determined Montana rancher have other plans in mind.


Changing Roles

Publisher: JEM Publsihing

Released March 2016

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Kate Summers’s career on the Police Force came to an implosive end when the Mayor’s wife exposed her secret life as the Mistress of Pain. Kate lost not only her detective’s badge, but something much more valuable. She lost her confidence as a Mistress of men.

She now scrapes by as a private investigator, feeding off the misery of others. When the Mayor and his wife ask her to investigate the murder of their daughter, Kate faces a difficult decision. To follow the leads, she must reenter the world that destroyed her career and go undercover as a submissive to a noted Dom. Only Kate swore she’d never endure the submissive role again.

Yet Jake Davenport is the one dominant fearless enough to not only challenge her rules, but break them. While accepting her new role and the erotic thrill it brings her is difficult enough, Jake’s complicated past raises many questions. As her investigation progresses, the man she’s fallen in love with might just be her number one suspect.


Delve into my thoughts, as erratic as they are, and we’ll have fun being deviant together.


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ELLIE MASTERS is the bestselling author of Heart’s Insanity: an Angel Fire Rock Romance. She writes multiple genres, creating the stories she loves to read. These are dark erotic tales. Or maybe sweet contemporary stories. How about a romantic thriller to whet your appetite? Ellie writes it all. Want to read passionate poems and sensual secrets? She does that too. Dip into the eclectic mind of Ellie Masters, spend time exploring the sensual realm where she breathes life into her characters and brings them from her mind to the page and into the heart of her readers every day.

When not writing, Ellie can be found outside, where her passion for all things outdoor reigns supreme: off­ roading, ATV-ing, scuba diving, hiking, and breathing fresh air, are just a few of her favorite pursuits.

She has lived all over the United States, east, west, north, south and central, but grew up under the Hawaiian sun. Now, Ellie is proud to call herself a Southern transplant, learning to say y’all and ‘bless her heart’ with the best of them. She lives with her beloved husband, two children who refuse to flee the nest, and four fur-­babies; three cats who rule the household, and a dog who wants nothing other than for the cats to be his friends. The cats have a different opinion regarding this matter.

Ellie’s favorite way to spend an evening is curled up on a couch, laptop in place, watching a fire, drinking a good wine, and bringing forth all the characters from her mind to the page and hopefully into the hearts of her readers.

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