Nondisclosure: A Fidelity World Novel


by Ellie Masters

a Fidelity World Full-Length Novel




Powerful men take what they want…or buy it outright.

When Prince Richard’s latest sexual faux pas results in another royal scandal, it’s something the Crown will no longer tolerate. Paying for sex isn’t his style; it’s disgusting and beneath him, but it makes perfect sense. Infidelity provides their exclusive clientele discretion and ironclad nondisclosure agreements. What better way to explore his darker cravings without worry his sex life will become front page news.

Turns out companionship is cheap, but happiness? When Rowan leaves at the end of their year long agreement, will he be left with the tattered remains of what could have been? Not if he has any say, but when privilege becomes a burden, even a King will cry.

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What Reviewers are Saying

“He has a crown, a nondisclosure agreement, and a royally sexy agenda. Brace yourselves. This prince will dominate the panties off you. Ellie Masters excels at creating kinky alphas and fierce heroines, and her writing style is beautiful. I highly recommend this sizzling hot addition in Aleatha Romig’s Fidelity World.” ~New York Times Bestselling Author: Pam Godwin

“Loved this sexy, modern twist on a classic fairy tale! Rowan is a strong Southern belle who’s fallen on hard times. Richard is a real life prince hoping to stay out of the scandal sheets. One chance meeting in an edgy night club and neither can forget the other…But if you think this is your standard Cinderella story, think again. Plenty of twists and turns and surprises kept me turning the pages until I got my HEA. Highly recommend for readers who crave a good love story with an slightly edgy, sexy vibe.”~ Author Abbie Zanders

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An excerpt from Nondisclosure…a little bit long-ish….

I paused to watch the intricacies of the rope work a dominant used to subdue his recalcitrant submissive. These images scratched the surface of what I desired, and given a different life, I might have chosen to spend my evening in a completely different kind of club.

Threading my way through the dancers, my step faltered when I spied a woman standing still within the sea of moving flesh. Long strawberry blonde hair cascaded down her back to pool in soft curls at her waist. A form-fitting red dress encased her well-toned body. A petite beauty, my hands could nearly encircle her waist. Her hips flared outward from there, drawing my eyes down to her tight ass and fabulously toned legs, taking my mind on a completely different path. I imagined her bound to my bed, completely at my mercy, and mine to do with as I pleased.

For a woman of her stature, I expected high heels, but she wore low ballet flats, perhaps more concerned about comfort than beauty. Her dress hid very little of what lie underneath, and I had no problem imagining every sweep and curve. As my gaze roamed her body, the need to possess overwhelmed my senses. Not possess. That wasn’t the right term for what stirred in my gut. Something awakened deep inside of me. I didn’t yet have a name for it.

Her exquisite form might be enough to enrapture any man, but the attention she paid to the dancers on that elevated platform intrigued me. The rapid rise and fall of her chest, and how she ignored everything around her, caught my eye. In the few moments I spent watching, she dismissed two men who dared approach. And while many women in these clubs danced alone, she held herself completely still, all her focus on that stage.

Considering how quickly she dismissed the others, it might have been foolish to think I would have better luck. The thing was, I enjoyed a challenge.

Stepping behind her, she didn’t notice my approach. I took note of which pair of dancers held her attention and bent down to whisper in her ear.

“There’s beauty in surrender, don’t you think? Strength such as that is incredibly sexy.”

She stiffened, but didn’t turn around. Odd, I’d expected at least some acknowledgment of my presence.

“You think submission is strength?” she asked.

The pair of performers twirled on stage, the man clearly in charge. His hand gripped the girl’s hair, much like I imagined doing to the beauty before me. Shifting her left then right, he ran her through a series of dips and twirls, their dance seductive and powerful, erotic yet sensual. The man pressed his hand flat against the woman’s chest and yanked her head back, swooping in to brush his lips against her exposed throat. She bent before him, her entire body controlled by his strength.

“Don’t you?” I asked.

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Ellie Masters BIO:

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ELLIE MASTERS is the bestselling author of Heart’s Insanity: an Angel Fire Rock Romance. She writes multiple genres, creating the stories she loves to read. These are dark erotic tales. Or maybe sweet contemporary stories. How about a romantic thriller to whet your appetite? Ellie writes it all. Want to read passionate poems and sensual secrets? She does that too. Dip into the eclectic mind of Ellie Masters, spend time exploring the sensual realm where she breathes life into her characters and brings them from her mind to the page and into the heart of her readers every day.

Ellie’s favorite way to spend an evening is curled up on a couch, laptop in place, watching a fire, drinking a good wine, and bringing forth all the characters from her mind to the page and hopefully into the hearts of her readers.