Changing Roles: Audio Read along

We will be doing an audio read along of my debut novel CHANGING ROLES over the next few months…

Changing Roles Cover


Kate Summers’s career on the police force came to an implosive end when the mayor’s wife exposed her secret life as the Mistress of Pain. Kate lost not only her detective’s badge but something much more valuable: she lost her confidence as a Mistress of men.

She now scrapes by as a private investigator, feeding off the misery of others. When the mayor and his wife ask her to investigate the murder of their daughter, Kate faces a difficult decision. To follow the leads, she must reenter the world that destroyed her career and go undercover as a submissive to a noted Dom. Only Kate swore she’d never endure the submissive role again.

Yet Jake Davenport is the one dominant fearless enough to not only challenge her rules, but to break them. While accepting her new role and the erotic thrill it brings her is difficult enough, Jake’s complicated past raises many questions. As her investigation progresses, Jake might just be her number one suspect.

Chapter I, Part I is here….to follow along, click HERE for the next installment.


Changing Roles is available at multiple retailers:


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UNBROKEN 2 By RileyEdwards NOW LIVE!

★❥❥•*¨`*•❥❥★ ★❥❥•*¨`*•❥❥★
〰 UNBROKEN 2 By #RileyEdwards〰
★❥❥•*¨`*•❥❥★ ★❥❥•*¨`*•❥❥★
➡️➡️ NOW LIVE! ⬅️⬅️

Unbroken 2 release


Murder! Mystery! Romance!
New Clues will take you one step closer to solving the mystery.

#TheCollective #WeAllFallDown #MysteryThrillerRomance #Unbroken2 #SecondChanceRomance #Reid #Ava #JJ

✿* UNBROKEN part 2. The Collective, Episode 6. ✿*

Unbroken 2: Episode 6 >>>

Reid has made it clear that he is all in. Proving yet again, he will go to great lengths to secure not only my happiness but my safety as well.

Once Reid saves me from a deranged lunatic, I vow to change my life. I promise to stop living my life in the shadow of grief and allow joy and love to mend the pieces of my broken heart back together.

This is our story. How one man can bring you out of the darkness and into the light. Turn your bland colorless world into vivid technicolor.

Our journey wasn’t easy. It was full of twists and turns. Tragedy after tragedy tried to break us. Only, this time I proved with Reid by my side I was stronger than ever.
I have come full circle, I am UNBROKEN.


“Life is short. It can be taken from you in seconds. I am done living in fear. I am done being a bystander in my own life. I am just plain old done. I am telling you that to tell you this… I am ready for you Logan Reid. I cannot promise I won’t screw up. I cannot promise I won’t try and run. But, I am counting on you not to let me go. I will hold on as tight as I can if you promise when my grip slips you’ll be strong enough to hold on for both of us.”

This is the conclusion of Reid and Ava.

✿* Get caught up before episode 6 releases. ✿*
Episodes 1-5 >>>

Erin M Trejo Ellie Masters Elias Raven Chris Genovese


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Riley Edwards

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Cover Reveal for Besting Brady by Nicole Dykes & J.L. Leslie


Cover Reveal for Besting Brady by Nicole Dykes & J.L. Leslie

besting brady

Releasing this month!! Look for the ARC sign-up soon!


I have lived in Hollis my entire life. All of my memories are here. The good and the bad. I wouldn’t change anything about this town. My life is carefree and I live it without regrets. Sure, I’ve made mistakes…some of them I see every day…but I wouldn’t change those either. I’m just not meant to settle down. No woman will ever get the best of me. They’re just lucky to get part of me.


I don’t get the attraction about Hollis. Not at all…but it did bring Madden Steele here and his brothers followed suit. I at least have to give it a try…even if it’s temporary. The Steele brothers wouldn’t be here if it didn’t hold some attraction…and I can admit there’s definitely one good thing this town has going for it. For all I know, this town could change my life.


**Besting Brady is book two in the Hearts of Hollis series co-written by Nicole Dykes and J.L. Leslie. It is written as a stand-alone novel. It is not necessary to read book one. It contains adult content, language, and sexual situations. It is intended for mature readers only.**

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Cover Reveal: Love in Carson Falls by Paisleigh Aumack

Forever Valentine PR and More proudly presents the cover reveal for Love in Carson Falls by Paisleigh Aumack!
Title: Love in Carson Falls (The Falls, Book 1)
Author: Paisleigh Aumack
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: Jun 30 2017
Cover Designer: Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs
box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px transparent !important;
Arianna Morgan: 
She never thought life would beat her down. She never imagined the man she loved doing it either. Starting over in a small town was her only option. Once she arrived in Carson Falls, she realized her life never really began until the locals, one specifically, proved that there are things that can mend your spirit.
River Bradshaw:
He never thought the mother of his child would walk away. He also never thought she would end up dead. Living in a small town his whole life, he knew what his life’s meaning was, or so he thought. Once a stranger from out of town started teaching his daughter piano, she proved that life had much more in store for him.
This is a story about loss, love, and how music can teach us about ourselves.
Add to your TBR:

Paisleigh Aumack was born in Red Bank, New Jersey. She grew up in a small barrier island town and has lived there all her life. She has always loved music, going as far as being a trained musician. Her tastes in music range all over the board, but currently, her heart belongs to country music.
Paisleigh is engaged to the love of her life and lives a fairly quiet, peaceful existence. When she isn’t working, she is writing or she is reading. Or singing at the top of her lungs. Paisleigh began writing a short time ago because she had a story to tell.

Want to sign up for the Release Blitz for Love in Carson Falls? Sign up HERE

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Quills and Daggers, by Chris Genovese is now LIVE!!!

☆¸.•*¨*★☆The Collective ☆¸.•*¨*★☆

Quills and Daggers, by Chris Genovese

is now LIVE!!!

Quills and Daggers – A second chance at love story

#ChrisGenovese #QuillsandDaggers

★☆ Buy Link ★☆

Add to your TBR List –

★☆ BLURB ★☆

Dead bodies are bad for business.

At least that’s what Ivory thinks when a murder takes place a few blocks away from The Motor Quill tattoo parlor. Inking San Francisco’s finest and hanging out with his older, special needs brother, is a routine he’s grown accustomed to. No need to fix something that ain’t broken. 

Breaking things is what Nikki is best at. When she walks back into Ivory’s life, he finds his second chance at love, but he also realizes the skeletons tucked safely in his closet can’t wait to dredge up dark desires. 

☆¸.•*¨*★☆ Bonus Content ALERT! A newsletter mini-series will unfold in The Collective Newsletter. To see how the story unfolds you must sign up for the newsletter. ☆¸.•*¨*★☆


★☆ What readers are saying ★☆

The story is full of twists and turns from the beginning to the end. Nikki walks back into Ivory’s life, however, they are both hiding things from their past. Songs, murders, and of course the fedora leave questions that need to be answered. Do they get answered in this book? Read it to find out. You will not be disappointed. It is wonderfully written. 
A great read!! – Goodreads reviewer
Chris Genovese grabs you from the first sentence and leaves you begging for more. Episode five gives you a few more pieces of the puzzle but makes you question everything you thought you knew. Outstanding storytelling. – Reviewer


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★☆ The Collective ★☆

☆¸.•*¨*★☆Welcome to The Collective ☆¸.•*¨*★☆
Riley Edwards, Erin Trejo, Ellie Masters, Elias Raven, Chris Genovese, Carver Pike

This crossover series is a huge win for all the authors involved. Don’t miss any of the releases. Each book will pull you in, leave you wanting more while you teeter on the edge of your seat with suspense.” Amazon Reviewer

We’ve set the stage, created the characters, and fashioned a world full of twists and turns. Now it’s your turn to sit back and immerse yourself in this incredible series. Each episode weaves the characters and storylines of five standalone novels together to give you an epic crossover series. We’ve left you breadcrumbs, tidbits of information intertwined throughout our stories. Can you find them? Can you collect the clues we’ve left behind? Will you become part of The Collective and help solve the case?

★☆ Collective Links ★☆

Email –
Newsletter sign up –
*Featured authors in order of appearance-AVAILABLE NOW

*Release Schedule and Series order
Episodes 1 – 5
LIVE: Riley Edwards –

LIVE: Erin Trejo –

LIVE: Ellie Masters –

LIVE: Elias Raven –

LIVE: Chris Genovese –

Episodes 6-10

Riley Edwards Unbroken part 2 PRE ORDER 6.13.17

Erin Trejo 6.27.17

Ellie Masters 7.11.17

Elias Raven 7.25.17

Carver Pike 8.1.17

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Forked Tale: Cursed to Walk in the Light Part VII and VIII

What is a forked tale?

Well, it’s a tale we write together. I write and give you two options….We all vote. Majority rules and the story takes root…

Welcome to the next installment of Ellie Masters’ Whiskey Wednesday. Haven’t read part one of Cursed to Walk in the Light? Well click here to catch yourself up!




It would be satisfying to kill the wretch, but Irynia had other plans. Besides, he’d already given a powerful gift, if an unwilling one. For the gallant knight who abused the desperation of a female, she would leave him a bittersweet gift in return.

His life. What few moments were left of it.

With a shove, she pushed aside his baggy bones and sagging skin. All vestiges of his youth were gone. In it’s place, she’d left a wrinkled old man.

“What h-have you done?” The knight croaked.

“Are you still here?” She glanced down at the wretch.

Pain spiked between her legs. The dragging of his cock against her dry walls left damage she would need to heal. That would come with time. Standing, she breathed deep, and stretched her arms out wide. The glare of the sun no longer burned her skin. Its steady warmth rained down, invigorating her senses and revitalizing her tattered soul. A kiss of wind fluttered past, and stopped to dance lazily across her skin, skipping down her arms, swirling around her breasts, and soothing that ache between her legs with a featherlight kiss.

Sweet sage, the sharpness of pine, and the richness of the forest loam floated on the wind. She breathed in the sweet bouquet. Songbirds tweeted their songs, flitting branch to branch as they fussed at the antics of the squirrels scampering in the boughs. This world, at once harsh and unyielding, embraced her with light, and devoured her soul.

The knight’s incredulous eyes scanned the ravages of his body, widening with the shock of his transformation. “Y-you did this?” He stared at his palms, turning them over to stare at the papery-white skin tenting the backs of his hands. He struggled to rise, but fell with the weakness of old age and the creaking of weathered joints.

“You sought to take from me,” she preened. “In return, I took from you.” As she would take from all other men.

Ahimouth had given her this power, and cursed her with an insatiable thirst for more. Even now she looked at the man, licking her lips for another taste of his essence. But to take him again would be to grant him death, and he didn’t deserve that. At least, not yet.

“Take? You vile cunt,” he cursed, and pointed. A snarl fixed on his vile face. “You’re a witch. The devil is in you.” He scurried back on trembling limbs, trying to run and flopping back to the ground. He made the sign of the cross over his chest, a useless gesture mortals believed would save them. It had done nothing to save her when she’d been chosen for Hell.

Irynia threw back her head and laughed. “The devil?”

Oh, this man knew nothing of hell. He would be lucky to meet the devil, but Satan didn’t bother himself with the affairs of men. His efforts focused on his eternal war with the heavens. And all of this? Death prowled the Gates of Hell, seeking entrance to the land of the living where he hoped to gorge himself for eternity.

He was the true monster. As was her beloved Ahimouth.

Oh, how she missed his callous caresses, and the scrape of his talons along her flesh. The screams Ahimouth pulled from her throat had been the sweetest ecstasy and most excruciating pain. Death could not pass through the Gates of Hell, but he’d held the power to force her through. He’d consigned her to walk among the world of the living, and she was stuck in this foul place until she found her path home.

“The Devil is not in me,” she said. He never had been and never would. She may have been marked to be his bride, but she would never occupy his bed. Because, she’d done the unthinkable. In falling for tormentor, she’d committed an unforgivable sin, and one which propelled her out of the Gates of Hell.

She tilted her face to the sun, and cried out with despair. Her heart ached for Ahimouth’s touch. She missed the searing heat of his breath. And his brutal punishments, once feared, she desperately craved.

The old man scurried into the forest, seeking refuge from her wild gaze, perhaps terrified she would finish what she’d started. Not that she cared to pursue. He would meet his fate in the woods, and she would leave him to it.

Bending down, she gathered his linen shirt and leather pants.

Evidently, wandering naked wasn’t allowed in this world. Slowly she dressed. His clothes hung loosely, and she made a hole in his belt to keep the pants from slipping off the slender curve of her hips. With a whistle, she called for his horse, leaping astride it and finding the forest path.

Heading down and out of the mountains, the last rays of the evening sun found her at the valley floor. There on the path, an old cripple sprawled across the road. She should pass him by and let him die. Fate closed quickly upon the old man. Or she could visit mercy upon him, and put him out of his misery now.

She paused to consider her choice.



The energy vibrating within her waned, taken from that idiot knight who thought to ravish and discard her after he’d taken his fill. His potency swirled within her and raced along her nerves, making the world come alive. The world of light shimmered before her, becoming more vibrant, perhaps even more tolerable. Sunlight danced on the light breeze and tasted of beauty. The wind caressed her skin and brought the heady aromas of rich loam and freshly cut crops to fill her senses. And the baying of the old man, became an annoyance as she approached, fracturing this one moment of peace.

Poor thing should be put out of his misery. Looking at him crawl, and that expression of torment on his face, soured her disposition and stole her joy. What did he expect her to do? Help his worthless soul? He was a man, and there was no way in Hell she would stop for him. But that caterwauling! His cries for help sullied the pristine day and had her gritting her teeth. She tried pressing her hands against her ears, but his shrieks tunneled straight into her mind.

She gripped hard on the reins of the horse, pulling the bit hard against the creature’s soft gums. It reared back, adding its screams to those of the wretched man. He reached out, crying for air, water, and her good will. Didn’t he know she had no will to give? And if she did, Ahimoth had done everything in his power to ensure there was nothing good left inside her soul. Gah! His cries only made the stallion shriek even more.

Which made her yank on the reins harder. The stallion screamed. The man shrieked. And now, her yells joined the chorus. All she wanted was for it to end! She kicked the horse’s flanks, guiding him not by the reins, but by the pressure of her thighs.

Over. Over. Just a bit more.

The horse danced into place. It would be over soon. The whites of the cripple’s eyes widened, fear replacing his brief hope. His pleas for mercy transformed with the startled realization of what she planned.

“No,” he screamed. “I beg of you no.”

The cowering wretch curled in on himself as the horses hooves came down, slicing his skin, trampling his bones, and silencing those horrible cries.

A pounding against the hard-packed ground had her glancing down the road. From out of the thick corn stalks, a man appeared at a sprint. “Father,” he cried. He took in the scene and glanced at her as she struggled to calm the raging horse. “Father!”

He was a vision of beauty. Sunlight had kissed his hair and bronzed his skin. Bare from the waist up, his torso rippled with the strength of ten men. His eyes matched the color of the sky, and dripped with tears. What would such a man taste like? She licked her lips, eager to feast upon the talents of what lie between his legs.

“What have you done,” he cried. The man dropped to his knees and cradled the mutilated body of his father in his arms. He turned to look up at her, his soul exposed and raw. “What have you done?”

Which left Irynia to ponder a question. Should she tell him the truth, or play the damsel in distress? Either way, did it really matter? She would feast upon him before the sun sank below the gentle rise of the valley walls.


Well, that’s easy. Join my readers group on The EDGE and be a part of a story in the making…..

Like my writing? Twist of Fate is recently released and available here.

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Shadow & Flame by Elias Raven NOW LIVE!!!

☆¸.•*¨*★☆The Collective ☆¸.•*¨*★☆

Shadow & Flame is now LIVE!!!


★☆ Buy Link ★☆

Shadow & Flame

★☆ BLURB ★☆

 A Collective Novel

Shadow & Flame – Episode 4

Welcome to the world of Rhianna Raines and her band Shadow & Flame. After leaving behind an overly saturated LA music scene and making a fresh start in San Francisco, the band is looking for its big break. With her girlfriend, Misty, by her side, nothing seems impossible even when life takes a very unexpected turn.

With the help of Rhianna’s old friends Abel Gunner and Elias Cain, Shadow & Flame have their chance at fame by playing a top San Francisco venue with a reunion of Abel & Elias’s chart-topping band, Metal Insanity. Just when it looks like it is all coming together, fate intercedes, sending Rhianna and Misty down a far more ominous path. With a series of murders, a killer on the loose, and Rhianna’s dreams taking a dark and sinister turn, reality starts to slip through her fingers as things spiral out of control.

Will all of Rhianna’s hard work and determination, and her chance of making it big, go up in flames? Can she, along with the help of her friends and the woman she loves, stop the nightmares from becoming reality? With so much on the line and so many unknown forces lurking in the shadows will Rhianna survive this fight?

Season 1, Episode 4

The Collective

We’ve set the stage, created the characters, and fashioned a world full of twists and turns. Now it’s your turn to sit back and immerse yourself in this incredible series. Each episode weaves the characters and storylines of ten standalone novels together to give you an epic crossover series. We’ve left you breadcrumbs, tidbits of information intertwined throughout our stories. Can you find them? Can you collect the clues we’ve left and become part of The Collective and solve the case?

Season One

No one is safe as a killer goes on a killing spree. Will The Collective stop him in time? Will you? Featured authors in order of appearance- Riley Edwards, Erin Trejo, Ellie Masters, Elias Raven, Chris Genovese, and Carver Pike.

Shadow and Flame 1 and 2
Part 2 of Shadow & Flame will release on July 25, 2017.

In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of The Collective Series’ books:

The Collective Series -Season one reading order:

Unbroken, by Riley Edwards (Available Now)

Iron Claw by MC, Erin Trejo (Available Now)

Learning to Breathe, by Ellie Masters (Available Now)

Shadow & Flame, by Elias Raven (Available Now)

Quills and Daggers, by Chris Genovese (Releasing 5-30-17)

☆¸.•*¨*★☆ Bonus Content ALERT! A newsletter mini-series will unfold in The Collective Newsletter. To see how the story unfolds you must sign up for the newsletter. ☆¸.•*¨*★☆ 


★☆ The Collective ★☆

☆¸.•*¨*★☆Welcome to The Collective ☆¸.•*¨*★☆
Riley Edwards, Erin Trejo, Ellie Masters, Elias Raven, Chris Genovese, Carver Pike
This crossover series is a huge win for all the authors involved. Don’t miss any of the releases. Each book will pull you in, leave you wanting more while you teeter on the edge of your seat with suspense.” AmazonReviewer

★☆ Collective Links ★☆

★☆ BIO ★☆

 Elias Raven was born and raised in Los Angeles. He’s an avid reader with a lifelong passion for writing. He’s a storyteller, a poet and a talented musician with an amazing voice. Oh, and let’s not forget an amazing cook! 

As a young boy he spent many summers reading classics such as “The Adventures of Sherlock Homes” and “The White Company” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His creativity was constantly being pushed as he learned more and more about the world around him. His taste in literature spanned from classics to science fiction/fantasy. He expanded his taste into classical poetry devouring everything from William Blake to Milton, Dante, Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud, T.S. Elliot, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Khalil Gibran, William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound, Paul Verlaine, Walt Whitman, Alan Ginsburg, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Carl Sandburg, Dylan Thomas, and Jim Morrison. These inspirations and his sheer love for reading had him take pen to paper around the age of 20.

 Did I mention he’s a Musician? …You can often find him playing his guitars (both electric and acoustic) and keyboards and singing (4 octave ranges) in his home studio. He’s a classically trained music aficionado -trained early on by Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Hayden, Liszt, as well as Big Band, Jazz and Rag Time. Spending time with his father at the Los Angeles Philharmonic; experiencing his first orchestra concert at the age of 9.

Elias the Gourmet Cook…Oh My!…His Japanese mother and grandmother trained him very well in fine culinary skills both in cooking and food appreciation from all over the world such as Italian, Indian, Moroccan, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hawaiian, Pilipino, Greek, and Polish.

When Elias is not reading, writing, composing music or cooking…he can be found listening to music, playing games, hanging out with his kids.  He enjoys going to concerts, going on culinary adventures, sightseeing, spending the day at the beach or in the mountains…just doing something adventurous! 

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