Heart’s Desire is LIVE…


An Angel Fire Rock Romance; a Stand Alone Novel
When you mix Hot Rockers with Military Special Ops You get the Whole Package!

TSgt Ryker Lyons is an elite member of a six-man Special Ops Surgical Team, well five men and one vexing woman. That’s a problem because Major Tia Myers is fierce, competent, utterly breathtaking, and completely immune to his charms. Teammates, buddies, perhaps reluctant friends, they’re kicking ass and saving lives. Ryker should leave it at that, but the raven-haired beauty has him risking everything to prove he’s exactly the man she needs.

When the mega rock band Angel Fire arrives on a USO tour, Ryker is given an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream, but it comes at a cost. He must choose between the music stirring his soul or the woman who’s stolen his heart.

The stakes are high, careers are at risk, but failure isn’t an option. Ryker won’t walk away from the music, and certainly not from the woman invading his dreams. He’s a man who gets what he wants, and whether Tia wants it or not, she belongs to him.

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Take a peek at the first few chapters…..

You can read Chapter 1 here

Chapter 2 continues here….

A quick sweep by a drone, and Command called in the all-clear. Tia climbed off the ground and went to fetch her pack. Lyons grabbed it first, hefting it up for her to slip into the straps. She could grab her own pack, damn it, but said nothing as she shrugged into it and settled the seventy pounds on her back. A deep inhale brought his musky scent to flood her nostrils. None of them had seen a shower in two days, and she hated to think how funky she must smell, but Ryker always smelled warm, male, and intoxicating.

With a hard squeeze of her lids, she reminded herself she was nearly a married woman. Within a few months of the end of this deployment, she and Scott would tie the knot. That was something they needed to start planning, but managing wedding plans on deployment was laughable at best, and Scott, like most men, had little interest in planning the big event.

“Thanks,” she managed and then took another sniff before Lyons wandered off.

He was simply trying to help, and she shouldn’t bite his head off, except Lyons wouldn’t have done that for any of the other men on the team.

Collins gave the signal, and the six of them took off with him in the lead. Lyons paced himself a few steps in front of her position while Warren took up the rear. Drummond and Marks hoofed it in silence. As the sun sank below the horizon, Collins picked up the pace, pressing forward to their destination.

All that sounded was the chugging of their breaths and the faint whispering of the wind. The sun disappeared, but the unrelenting heat remained as the sky blackened with the coming of night. When she wasn’t sucking air, Tia pulled at her hydration tube. It was a fancy name for the hose attached to her CamelBak, but that was the military. They had a name for everything. By now, her water had to be nearly half gone.

When they arrived at their destination, they worked with the flawless precision of a well-trained team, speaking only when necessary. The special ops troops hung around, offering to help, not realizing they were simply in the way. Tia and her team had the same intensive training as these special ops forces. Using only night-vision goggles, they set up their gear in the pitch-black and prepared to perform field surgeries.

In less than ten minutes, she and Lyons had the anesthesia and ventilator support prepped. They worked nearly on top of each other, moving in a well-choreographed dance. Warren cleared his area and had his surgical tray prepared. The docs examined their two patients while the unit’s combat medic rattled off the injuries and what he’d done to stabilize the wounded thus far. A needle had been placed in the chest of one man, and the medic had applied a pressure bandage to the abdomen of the other. Marks took the one with a chest wound while Collins and Drummond paired up to operate on the belly wound.

Tia sedated the first man, giving him a dose of morphine, while Marks inserted a chest tube. She then started an IV in the second patient while Lyons placed a breathing tube and hooked their patient up to the portable ventilator. Once the patient was sedated, Collins and Drummond performed quick field surgery on their patient’s abdomen while she handled anesthesia. It didn’t take long before they had the wounded stabilized.

“Nice work,” she said to the team.

“Thanks.” Collins glanced up as he tied off the last suture.

Except for the hike, the mission had been easy compared to some of the trauma they’d seen. Another call to Command, and two helicopters were dispatched from forward ops, arriving a few short minutes later. The men from the special operations unit piled into one of the helicopters while she and her team loaded the wounded into the other. The special ops unit returned to their base of operations while her team transported the wounded to Bagram Airfield.

Designated a Level III facility, the theater hospital accepted all transfers from lower-level facilities and directly from the field. Their patients would undergo further stabilization before transport back to the United States via Germany.

“How long are we staying at Bagram?” Lyons asked Collins.

Collins checked his patient and then glanced up. “A couple of days. There’s a transport scheduled. We’ll hitch a ride rather than waste an air resource.”

Warren’s face split into a grin. “That’s awesome! Lily is going to be so excited.”

“How’s she doing?” Tia asked.

“Good, but I think she’s getting tired and worried I won’t be home in time.”

“Well,” Collins said, “you’ll have two days of downtime to talk to your wife.”

“Talk,” Warren snorted. “Bagram’s got Internet. I’m Skyping.” He turned to her. “You’ll have a chance to talk to your man, too, T.”

Now, that would be a welcome treat. Access to Internet was restricted in the places they frequented.

“I might just do that,” she said.

Bagram would be a well-needed respite. For the past seven weeks, they’d been stationed in far-forward locations, specifically in support of the unit they assisted. That meant field showers, cold and tasteless food, and communications blackout from the rest of the world. In Bagram, they would have access to heated water, something more palatable than MREs, probably chow prepped by eighteen-year-old wannabe cooks who couldn’t figure out the right end of an egg, but they’d have Internet.

She looked forward to three things. First, she’d have a chance to hook up to the Internet, check her mail, and if she were exceptionally lucky, Skype with Scott. Second, she’d be able to visit the base exchange and restock her supply of deodorant and toothpaste. Sometimes, the simple things really did matter. And, third, she intended to get a little distance from her team.

They lived and breathed as a unit. Fortunately, they worked well together, but sometimes, she needed space from the five overly masculine men.

The helicopter landed, and they offloaded their patients, transferred care to the local medical team, and then took inventory of their packs. Resupply would happen in the morning.

After her patient care responsibilities were concluded, T headed to the front of the hospital where she’d been told to wait for further instructions.

“Where you headed, T?” Lyons called as she headed out the main hospital doors.

“Showers first and then a hot meal. Real food.”

“Sounds perfect. I think I’ll join you.” The glint in his eye said he was thinking exactly what he’d said. The man was full of innuendo.

Collins arrived, saving her from answering, although images of Lyons soaped up in a shower already flooded her mind. Collins handed out lodging assignments, and for the first time in nearly seven weeks, Tia wouldn’t be sleeping next to the gentle snores of the men.

The docs excused themselves and departed. Warren grabbed his ruck and said he was going to catch a few Zs. She knew he was headed to the Internet lounge. Warren’s wife, Lily, was taking care of their two boys and had two more on the way. She was six months pregnant with twins, and Warren would be lucky to finish his deployment in time to be home for their births.

She understood the need to connect with loved ones. She was dying to speak with Scott, but the time zones meant it was in the middle of the night for him. She’d wait and try to catch him first thing in the morning before he left for work.

She paused, curious as to why Lyons hadn’t taken off to get into whatever mischief he could find. Despite his over-the-top protectiveness, he really was a great guy.

A young airman approached the medical center, and he hopped up to hold the door. The girl gave him a long once-over before blushing three shades of scarlet. Lyons grinned back, his eyes saying exactly what he’d like to do with her later on.

Fraternization rules were strict, but that didn’t mean people weren’t getting it on. At Bagram, where there were more opportunities to find private places than the field, she was surprised the rate of STDs wasn’t higher than reported. The clinics handed out condoms like water, and the base exchange barely kept up with their paid stock.

After watching the exchange, she shook her head. “Someday, you’re going to get into trouble.”


“Yes, you. Do you have to chase every girl you see?”

“T, I don’t exactly have to chase them,” he said with a snort.

“Hmm,” she said.

“Hmm, what? You judging me?”

“Not judging, but you’re missing out on the best part.”

“I disagree.”

“It’s not always about a quick fuck.”

“It’s always about the fuck.” He swung his arm in an arc. “Do you see this place? Competition is fierce.”

Except Lyons would win that race. His rugged good looks and muscular physique combined into a potent mix of masculinity and raw sexual power.

She shrugged. “I suppose not. I guess I’m just not the fuck-’em-and-leave-’em kind of gal. Good thing I have Scott.”

His lips twisted with that comment. Why he disliked her fiancé as much as he did wasn’t something she understood. “I’d say you’re most definitely not a fuck-’em-and-leave-’em kind of gal, T. A man would have to be crazy to leave you.”

“What does that mean?”

“You’re a woman a man keeps, although tough luck for him if he does. Any romantic gesture you’d just toss back in his face.”

“You make me sound ungrateful.”

His left eyebrow arched up, referring to their earlier conversation.

“Please! You’re still stuck on that?”

“I don’t chase ’em, but I take care of them when they’re in my bed. That includes flowers, chocolates, and letters more than once a century. I bet Scottie can’t say the same.”

“Ugh, you’re hopeless.” Their conversation was headed nowhere fast. There was no reason to be discussing her love life or his. “If you want the pretty girl you jumped up for, you’ve waited too long. You’re never going to find her now.”

He glanced over his shoulder and looked longingly at the doors the airman had disappeared behind. “Despite what you think…Major, I can keep it in my pants. I’m not desperate to fuck the first thing I see, and sometimes, the right one is worth the wait.”

By the switch from her nickname to her rank, she’d hit on a nerve.

With a shrug, she slung her pack over her shoulder. “Frankly, I don’t really care who you fuck or don’t fuck or care to fuck. I’m headed to the showers.” It was time to wash a week’s worth of dusty grit out of her hair and grime off her body.

“Need help?” he offered.

She laughed. Lyons never stayed angry or upset for long. Virtually nothing fazed the man.

“What? Like you scratch mine, and I’ll scratch yours?”

The heated look in his eyes had her taking a step back. Those might not have been the best words to use because she knew exactly what he was thinking. She was thinking it, too, but her fiancé and the officer and enlisted split in their ranks ensured nothing would ever come of her comment.

“I think you might want to go chase that pretty airman,” she said, deflecting the unwanted sexual tension.

“Maybe she’s not who I want,” he asserted.

She didn’t care who he wanted. Right now, he stood in the way of her and a little hot water therapy. Unlike their post, Bagram had few restrictions on how long she spent in the shower.

“Well,” she said, stepping away, “you have an entire base to find your one.”

Or at least, his one for the night. Knowing Lyons, there would be two and maybe even three.


Grab your copy now. Available on Amazon, iBooks, Nook and Google Play links.

Amazon: https://elliemasters.com/HDAmazon
iBooks: https://elliemasters.com/HDiBooks
Google Play: https://elliemasters.com/HDGooglePlay
NOOK: https://elliemasters.com/HDNook


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Heart’s Desire releases tomorrow…here’s a sneak peek at the first chapter….


An Angel Fire Rock Romance; a Stand Alone Novel
When you mix Hot Rockers with Military Special Ops You get the Whole Package!

TSgt Ryker Lyons is an elite member of a six-man Special Ops Surgical Team, well five men and one vexing woman. That’s a problem because Major Tia Myers is fierce, competent, utterly breathtaking, and completely immune to his charms. Teammates, buddies, perhaps reluctant friends, they’re kicking ass and saving lives. Ryker should leave it at that, but the raven-haired beauty has him risking everything to prove he’s exactly the man she needs.

When the mega rock band Angel Fire arrives on a USO tour, Ryker is given an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream, but it comes at a cost. He must choose between the music stirring his soul or the woman who’s stolen his heart.

The stakes are high, careers are at risk, but failure isn’t an option. Ryker won’t walk away from the music, and certainly not from the woman invading his dreams. He’s a man who gets what he wants, and whether Tia wants it or not, she belongs to him.

Grab your copy now. Available on Amazon, iBooks, Nook and Google Play links.

Amazon: https://elliemasters.com/HDAmazon
iBooks: https://elliemasters.com/HDiBooks
Google Play: https://elliemasters.com/HDGooglePlay
NOOK: https://elliemasters.com/HDNook


Chapter 1

Hell would be paradise compared to this wasteland. Every breath seared Major Tia Meyers’s lungs. The air was too damn thin, sucked away precious moisture, and crisped the soft, spongy tissues of her lungs. The fault lay in the rugged, mountainous terrain of Afghanistan. Her lips cracked. Her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth. Sweat didn’t linger long enough to dampen her fatigues. And her head? It pounded with each step.

She sipped water from the tube attached to the CamelBak tucked into her ruck. She hadn’t peed in hours. Frankly, that wasn’t such a bad side effect of dehydration. As the only female member of a six-man team, not having to squat in the middle of the desolate landscape came as a welcome relief. She would pee when she was dead.

“Doing okay, T?” Lieutenant Colonel Mike Collins called to her over his left shoulder.

The determination of his stride pushed the entire team forward at a relentless pace. He didn’t ask how any of the others were doing. He didn’t need to because the rest of the team was male. Assumptions were a bitch, but she learned to fight the battles that truly mattered and ignored all other slights against her gender.

Collins led their team. He was their trauma surgeon and the shortest man. Only a few inches taller than her, he barely broke six feet. All the others on the team were ripped and stacked, alpha males with plenty of muscles and endurance and egos too big for their heads. Tall and wired with ropes for muscles, Collins was lean, whipcord strong, and demanded nothing but the best from his team. A person might discount him, but his endurance put the rest of the team to shame. The man ran ultra-marathons for fun.

“I’m fine, Colonel,” she said, stepping up her pace. Damn, when had she fallen so far behind?

Technical Sergeant Ryker Lyons glanced at her, his eyes narrowing with concern. As their team’s respiratory technician, she worked closest with him and dealt with his overbearing protectiveness far too much.

If he were an ugly bastard, she’d be able to deal with his looks and assumptions with far more grace, but Lyons had been breaking hearts from the day he was born. A stunning man, he had a smile that made it impossible to hate him. A prominent jaw framed his face. Twining cords of muscles shaped and defined his entire body. Everything about him was strong, powerful, and male. From his thick arms to his broad shoulders, his physique continued down to a ripped abdomen angling to muscular thighs. No one feature made Lyons handsome, but those eyes of his turned women stupid, needy, and horny as fuck, and his smile, at once genuine and mischievous, was a heart-thudding, sexy-as-fuck, irresistible force. The pull was real, irresistible even. When he lifted his cheeks and broke out that grin, his entire being illuminated with charisma and sexual charm. She fought the force of it every day.

If it wasn’t for her fiancé waiting back home, she might give in. Not that she’d ever sleep with Lyons, but he had certainly starred in one or two of her dreams along the way. She was engaged, not dead. Afghanistan nights were long and lonely, but dreams were harmless things.

He had lots to say with his eyes. His concern and overprotectiveness were more frequent than she liked. Beneath his look, a simmering lust lingered, and his eyes were as suggestive as they were protective.

People often spoke of the color of a person’s eyes, as if that were important to their character. She didn’t have a preference. Hers were the darkest brown, nearly the same color as the coal black of her hair. Her fiancé, Scott, had chocolate-colored eyes, deep wells of affection and love. She could lose herself in them for hours. With her olive complexion and his natural tan, they would make stunning babies one day.

Lyons’s eyes were a brilliant Amazon green—bright, vibrant, and shocking. They said people with green eyes were lustful creatures, and Lyons had her believing that myth because he never lacked female companionship. The problem was, when he turned those eyes on her, she would stare back longer than socially acceptable, and she hated how her thoughts tangled. She was probably sending the wrong signals to a man she had little interest in. Not that she could help herself. It was nearly impossible to look away.

Tempered by a ferocity barely kept in check, Lyons had been created to protect and defend those weaker than himself. Whatever he held dear, whomever he cared for, they bore the full brunt of that innate intensity. His fuck-me gaze brought women to his bed and taunted her at every turn. Not that there would ever be anything between them. Not only was she engaged, but she was also an officer. He was enlisted. That, more than anything, would keep them apart. Besides, his bed was an ever-revolving fuckfest of horny enlisted females. If he had any interest in her, which he didn’t, she would shut him down. It didn’t help that he was a horrible tease and probably couldn’t turn it off if he tried.

Even if it wasn’t for her fiancé, rules and regulations against fraternization would keep her and Lyons separate. The worst part? Lyons knew he was a badass. He was a force of destruction, a bad boy with the girls, and he tore through hearts with the same ferocity he brought to the field. Arrogance came with that knowledge, and he wore it like a badge of honor.

She didn’t have time for games like that or men like that.

Lyons’s gaze continued to linger. His eyes strayed to the heavy pack on her back, and then he returned his attention to her face where he traced every feature, as if he were absorbing her into his soul. Her jaw clenched, and she hooked her thumbs under the shoulder straps of her ruck and jogged past him. He met her glare with an uplift of his left eyebrow. His grin, complete with requisite dimples, filled his face while he took humor in whatever was going on in that head of his.

Staff Sergeant Mike Warren huffed beside Tia. The silent one of the bunch, their surgical tech carried the blades, the retractors, forceps, sutures, and everything the surgeons needed in his pack. Many people overlooked surgical techs, but Warren carried himself with a quiet dignity and an endless reservoir of strength.

Each member of the special ops surgical team was vital to saving lives at the front lines, behind the front lines, and basically anywhere in between the lines.

She hefted the pack on her shoulders. A glance at Lyons revealed the faintest shimmer of perspiration on his brow, but with the dry air, it disappeared between one moment and the next. She felt better about not being the only one pushing herself. They all forged ahead, pitting their endurance against the rigorous terrain.

Collins raised his fist, and everyone came to a sudden stop. They took a knee and crouched on the ground.

“Five minutes,” he said. A glance at the map had his features screwing into a mask of concentration.

She crab-crawled over to him, balancing the weight of the pack. It almost pulled her over, something she wouldn’t live down. Seventy pounds? Yeah, she’d be a turtle trapped on its back. Lyons would laugh his ass off. Warren would offer a hand. Collins would do nothing. He demanded she pull her weight and not slow down the team. For him, she had to earn every breath. The other two members of their team—their orthopedic surgeon, Major Drummond, and their emergency doc, Major Marks—might as easily help her or not. Those two tended to keep to themselves, which was fine. Their arrogance annoyed her most days, but they were beyond phenomenal physicians, smooth as silk under pressure.

“Need help?” she offered.

The terrain they humped could challenge the best navigator.

“We’re off target,” Collins said.

Agreed. It looked like they were hiking along the wrong ridgeline.

He waved a hand. “It feels…empty.”

Empty was an understatement. They’d been hoofing it for ten clicks. Dropped in far behind battle lines, their team headed into a hot zone. Wounded men, too critical for aeromedical evacuation, waited for her team to stabilize them before help could come. In this case, it meant emergency surgery in the field.

A glance upward revealed a featureless expanse of faded out blue. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Nothing but a bright ball of fiery brilliance blazed down on them, but even the sun seemed washed out. The air tasted dry and lifeless, and there was nothing but rock and sand as far as the eye could see. The entire world was desolate.

She examined the map. “Sir,” she said, pointing, “we can cross here.”

Indeed, the ridgeline they were supposed to be traveling lay across the valley from the one they occupied, but there was a way across.

Collins cursed and gathered the team. “Change of plans,” he said.

Everyone gathered round. Collins confirmed her assessment. If they were off course, it needed to be reported to command and control and their new route verified. Lyons lumbered over. He carried the radio gear, making his pack outweigh all the others.

Lyons called their position in, and while he spoke to command, she took a load off and shrugged out of her pack. Protocol demanded she keep a low profile, but she couldn’t help but stretch out the tight cords of the muscles of her neck and shoulders. The physical part of this job never let up.

The high-pitched whine of a bullet sounded moments before ricocheting off a rock to her right. Lyons leaped up, plowed into her, and slammed her to the ground. Her helmet hit a rock and cushioned her head from impact. Lyons’s entire body covered hers, every rock-solid muscle clenched with murderous intent as he protected the sole female in the group.

“Take cover,” Collins called out.

The team flattened themselves against the ground, providing minimal profiles to whoever had them in their sights.

She shoved at Lyons, not moving him an inch. “Move,” she said.

As he lay on top of her, his jaw clenched. “Not on your damn life.”

His gaze lingered on her face, radiating his primal need to protect. Time slowed down as the lethality of the moment sank in. A crescendo of what-ifs passed through her mind. What if she’d been a little more to the right? What if the shooter had better aim? What if she’d been hit? Or worse, what if she’d been killed?

Fear was a mind killer, and she had no time for it. So, she turned her fear into anger and directed it at Lyons. She could damn well take care of herself, but what she hated most were the vibrations humming in her veins with him lying on top of her. Perhaps he felt them, too, because his grin grew impossibly wide, even as the furrow in his brows deepened. The man was a master at expressing disparate emotions within the same glance. His left knee pressed between her legs, spreading them and making their relative position entirely too intimate. Under different circumstances, it might be considered a prelude to something more.

Whomever their sniper was, the bastard had either run out of ammunition or bravery because, after ten minutes, there were no more shots fired. Ten long minutes of Lyons lying on top of her with their faces entirely too close.

Tia’s team was armed and packed some heat, but medical gear filled their rucks, not bullets. It was impossible to know who was shooting, so they could be pinned down by a band of insurgents or a goat farmer with a rifle and a handful of bullets. Either way, that shooter had her team hunkered down and her trapped beneath Lyons.

Insurgents had been in the area. That was the reason they’d been sent out. There’d been a firefight, and men were down. Reports said the enemy had been neutralized. There shouldn’t be a shooter. Helicopters would be sent in soon, but before that, she and her team had lifesaving surgery to perform for two of the men attached to the special operations unit they’d been sent to assist. One had a collapsed lung. The other had his guts torn up. Their field surgeries stabilized and saved lives but weren’t pretty.

Getting to their target quickly couldn’t be more important.

Instead, they found themselves plastered flat against the heat of the rock. She found herself sandwiched between the hard ground and the unmoving physique of Lyons. His eyes bore into her, green fire lashing out, and the bastard refused to budge.

“Get off me,” she said, trying yet again to roll him off her body.

“No,” he said.

He was a man of few words, so she was surprised to get that much out of him.

“You’re making yourself an easy target,” she said.

“All the important bits are covered,” he said with a grin.

“Not your ass.”

“Oh, glad you care about my ass, T,” he said with more sarcasm than that comment deserved. That was the way with Lyons. He had no filter and no idea how to turn off inappropriate thoughts.

“The only reason I care about your ass is because, if something happens to you, we have to split your ruck.”

“You mean,” he drew out his words, toying with her, “the others will pick up the slack. You’re maxed with what you can carry.”

She’d punch him if it wouldn’t hurt her fist. Not only was Lyons packed with muscles, but his battle gear was also hard Kevlar. The ceramic ballistic plate on his chest pressed against hers, putting painful pressure on her breasts. She bit back a groan.

“I pull my weight,” she said, exacerbated. Like his sarcasm, her words were threaded with more defense than they should be.

With a shove, she moved him enough to wriggle out from underneath his weight. He landed with a thud and a whoosh of breath. Served him right.

“What’s wrong T?” he teased. “Get nervous when the man’s on top?”

Her glare could’ve frozen hell, but with Lyons, it only amped up the heat simmering in his gaze. The man simply didn’t know how to turn off his fuck-me eyes. Fortunately, she had the best defense.

“You wish. I’m taken, Lyons, so stop trying.”

“Oh, everyone knows you’re taken,” he said. “You talk about your douche-bag boyfriend all the time.”

“Fiancé, Lyons,” she bit out. “Scott is my fiancé.”

“Right,” he said with a cheeky grin. “A douche bag who’s sent you what? One letter in the last two months. I’m telling you, if I had a woman like you, I’d send a letter a day with flowers and chocolate, minimum. I’d probably write a poem or sing you a song.”

“Well, good thing you don’t have a woman like me because I hate flowers. They wilt and die. Is that really what you want to tell your girl?”

He arched a brow. “What do you mean?”

“That your love for her is as fleeting and fragile as a wilted flower? Scott doesn’t do crap like that because he knows what that kind of gesture means to me.”

“You’re fucked in the head, T,” he said. “Can’t you just let a guy be a guy? Or is it always about who has the bigger balls? I feel sorry for the douche.”

“Stop calling him that.”

“What? Douche?” He shook with a soft laugh. “Hey, I just call it like I see it.”

“And how is that?”

“That guy has to be a total pussy—”

“You don’t know shit.”

“Really? You’re telling me there’s a heart under those brass tits?”

“Sergeant!” Collins cut Lyons off. “Show a little respect.”

She didn’t need Collins’s interference but appreciated him putting an end to Lyons’s shit-talk about Scott. Lyons shutting the fuck up topped high on her list of priorities, right after not getting shot.

There weren’t any more shots fired, but Collins wouldn’t risk his team until he was certain it was safe. Until they had eyes in the air, they were stuck on the ground. Good thing they had drones.


Grab your copy now. Available on Amazon, iBooks, Nook and Google Play links.

Amazon: https://elliemasters.com/HDAmazon
iBooks: https://elliemasters.com/HDiBooks
Google Play: https://elliemasters.com/HDGooglePlay
NOOK: https://elliemasters.com/HDNook


Read Chapter 2 here

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I’m a hard rock gal…I’ll be sharing some of my favorites with you as we go along. I’m a lot like my characters in that I don’t know bands and names of songs. I haven’t invested those few neurons into remembering names and such, but I know what I love, and there are some really great songs out there that strike a chord with me.

We’ll start out with Prince. He’s not one of my favorites, but the man was crazy talented!

Click HERE for some Purple Rain!



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3 DAYS and Counting!



THREE DAYS and Heart’s Desire will be released! I’m very excited to get this book out into the world. It’s a wonderful blend of Rock Romance and Military Special Ops. When you open the pages, you’ll be transported to the rugged terrain of the Afghanistan mountains as you complete a grueling mission under relentless heat. You’ll be introduced to Major Tia Meyers, Certified Nurse Anesthetist for the Air Force Special Ops Surgical Team. She’s the only female of this elite six-man team. If that isn’t hard enough, her respiratory therapist, Technical Sergeant Ryker Lyons makes it hard to focus on the mission with his good looks and indomitable charm. That’s okay, though, because Tia has someone waiting for her at home, at least until a Dear Jane letter finds its way to her. Once that happens, the spark will fly between Tia and Ryker. How does that make this a rock romance? LOL…you’ll have to read the book to find out.

Grab your copy of Heart’s Desire now. It’s available on Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and Google Play. You CLICK HERE to snag your copy and get swept away in this amazing all star romance.

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The release of a new books is always an exciting endeavor. Months of preparation goes into the writing, marketing, and release of a book, from concept to writing, revisions to edits, it’s a joy to bring these characters to life. I love to create characters and put them into difficult situations. From there I sit back and let them work things out. They generally surprise me with how creative they can be. At some point in the writing, I’m no longer creating. My characters take on life, personalities, and toss me their own twists and turns. This is what makes writing so much fun. I’m never really sure where the story is headed until the tale is spun out at the end.

I like to watch people and I use people from all around me, but I always instill a little bit of me into the characters, and Jet! (he’s in all the men in some shape or form) I try to give them some of my own values, but just a touch…a hint.

Major Tia Myers is a strong female who is working hard in a man’s world. I’m a bit like her. I was in the Air Force and drew heavily from my experiences when writing this story. I’m also medical, although I’m not a CRNA. TSgt Ryker Lyons is a character I drew from many of the respiratory technicians I’ve worked with over the years. And the setting for Bagram comes from the stories and pictures all my brothers and sisters in arms shared with me over the years.

HEART’S DESIRE is a rich tale of love and sacrifice. It’s about following your dreams and never letting them go. I’m very proud of this story. It was a joy to write Tia and Ryker’s story, and I know you’re going to enjoy them too.

HEART’S DESIRE releases this Thursday, June 7th. You can grab your copy on Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and Google Play. Just follow this link!

Heart's Desire Teaser 7

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Upcoming Release! Heart’s Desire

Heart’s Desire, book 2 of the Angel Fire series, is releasing June 7th!

You can preorder Heart’s Desire on every retailer NOW!



SAVE 25%.

Exclusive Early Bird Access!

Begin reading Heart’s Desire NOW!!!

Just Click HERE.

Heart’s Desire: an Angel Fire Rock Romance and Stand Alone Novel


When you mix Hot Rockers with Military Special Ops You get the Whole Package!


TSgt Ryker Lyons is an elite member of a six-man Special Ops Surgical Team, well five men and one vexing woman. That’s a problem because Major Tia Myers is fierce, competent, utterly breathtaking, and completely immune to his charms. Teammates, buddies, perhaps reluctant friends, they’re kicking ass and saving lives. Ryker should leave it at that, but the raven-haired beauty has him risking everything to prove he’s exactly the man she needs.

When the mega rock band Angel Fire arrives on a USO tour, Ryker is given an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream, but it comes at a cost. He must choose between the music stirring his soul or the woman who’s stolen his heart.

The stakes are high, careers are at risk, but failure isn’t an option. Ryker won’t walk away from the music, and certainly not from the woman invading his dreams. He’s a man who gets what he wants, and whether Tia wants it or not, she belongs to him.

Besides, what could go wrong?


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An Interview with Major Tia Myers

An interview with Major Tia Myers from

Heart’s Desire


Grab your copy now!

Major Tia Myers takes a seat on the folded metal chair. She holds herself with a regal presence and has me feeling a little uncomfortable. Odd, since as an reporter it’s usually me putting those I interview in the hot seat.

“Usually, I tell people to get comfortable, but…” I gesture to the bare office devoid of creature comforts. Like Major Myers, I’m also sitting on a bare metal chair. The only other piece of furniture is a beat up desk. Thankfully, we have air conditioning.

Not all are so lucky.

She gives a low, sultry laugh. “This is the Ritz compared to what I’m used to.”

We share a moment. Laughter is the best icebreaker when sitting down to interview a stranger.

This woman is knock dead gorgeous and I’m having trouble placing her ethnicity. Dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin, she reminds me of a Greek Goddess. I decide Mediterranean blood runs in her veins. I won’t ask outright. I’ll find out when I dig into her background.

I’m a little excited to be honest. The flight into Bagram Airbase was long and grueling. I lost count of the number of countries I hit before getting here and my first class accommodations kept downgrading. I went from the lap of luxury crossing an ocean to practically sitting in the lap of a soldier on the final troop transport in. I wasn’t really in his lap, but those seats are pretty cramped and set tight together. The U.S. Military certainly doesn’t waste money on comfort or convenience. I’m lucky to be here at all, with the delays, and I’m told Major Myers could get called out at any minute.

“I appreciate you taking the time to answer some of my questions.”

She arches a brow, and I’m reminded she really didn’t have a choice. What is it they call it in the military? Oh, that’s right. I’m sure her commander volun-told Major Myers she would do this interview. At least she’s still smiling.

“It’s my pleasure. You work with who exactly?” Her question hangs between us.

I’ve been assigned to complete a human interest story about women in the military, specifically women who operate in special ops units. Secretly, I’m taking notes. I want to write a novel about a woman like this, but I do have a job to do first.

“I work for the local station. We’re hoping this piece is elevated to a national spotlight.”

“That sounds exciting. I’m sure it would be a great boost to your career.”

It definitely would. I’ve never done a national piece before. There’s lots of interest surrounding women in the military, those serving in special ops roles bring a certain incendiary reaction. I’m hoping to capitalize on that.

She straightens out the front of her BDU overblouse–battle dress uniform–I make a note of the military acronym. Despite her initial smile, she appears uncomfortable and definitely is only humoring me.

I launch into a well practiced speech. “Well, I think there’s a national dialogue about women serving in combat. I’d like to open up a conversation, explore the pros and cons. I’m certain you must have faced some opposition to securing your position on the team?”

“Special Ops is difficult for everybody, being male or female doesn’t really matter. There are many men who don’t have the physical or mental makeup to survive in this role. Many women as well.”

Her answer sounds scripted, reminding me how often she’s had to defend her selection to the Special Ops Surgical Team. I stare at the woman before me, in awe of her beauty, and take a moment to see her without the lens of her femininity framing my assumptions. Major Myers is a tall woman, a few inches short of six feet. She’s well proportioned, not overly built with muscle, but solid. There’s a presence about her, a power, and beauty, and grace. She confuses me. I don’t think that’s the best way to describe her but it’s the best I come up with. She’s tall, lithe, but there’s a deadly air about her, a seriousness she wears like an old friend reminding me this woman has seen the horrors of war. Facing danger is a part of her job. I can’t relate to that and feel inadequate in her presence.

“Well, let’s start with some basic questions before we dig too deep in to other things.”

“Other things?” She’s arching that brow again. “You mean like how do I stack up against the men? Do I pull my own weight? Do they have to do more because there’s a woman on the team?”

I cringe because I’d hoped to save those questions for later, after I’d warmed her up to the interview. Fortunately, a knock on the door interrupts us, allowing me to regroup. Whoever it is doesn’t wait for an answer and barges in.

My jaw drops as I look upon a chiseled masterpiece of male splendor. I’m not over-exaggerating. He’s stunning with blazing green eyes and a grin designed to wet panties. He’s an alpha’s alpha, tall and stacked with muscles bunching on top of other muscles. I’m not drooling, although I can’t help but take a quick swipe at my mouth.

He acknowledges me with a quick jerk of his chin, then turns his heart-stopping green gaze on Major Myers. Something flickers in the air between them, a smoldering heat I don’t think I’m imagining. Only Major Myers barely moves. Her lips thin and a scowl creeps across her face.

“What’s up Lyons?” Her tone is abrupt and she gestures to me. “I’m a little busy right now.”

“Collins wants to debrief our last mission,” Lyons says with a twinkle in his eyes and heat smoldering in his gaze.

He has eyes only for her, and has completely forgotten about me. Which is fine. It gives me a chance to take him in and jot down a few notes for my novel.

“He told me to track you down and tell you to meet at the Med Center.” There’s a smile on his face and a light in his eyes as he looks upon the Major.

She shifts in her seat, the only acknowledgement of Lyons’s presence.”He set this interview up with Colonel Vane. Tell him I’ll get there ASAP.” Turning back to me, she dismisses Lyons.

He doesn’t seem fazed and flashes a mischievous smile. “I’ll tell him, T.” Turning to me, he tips his head. “Sorry to interrupt your interview, Ma’am.”

I can’t help but smile back, beaming at the brief seconds he acknowledged my existence. When he leaves, I look to Major Myers and can’t keep the unadulterated lust from my voice. “Who was that?”

She shakes her head. “That’s Tech Sergeant Lyons. He’s the RT on my team, and word to the wise?”


“Stay far away.”

“Is he married?” I can’t help it, I’m interested in Lyons.


I shake my head. “How do you manage to work alongside that?” I jab at the door with my pad of paper.

“With Lyons?” She laughs. “It takes a whole lot of patience. Now, if you’re going to get your interview, we’d better hurry. Collins doesn’t like being kept waiting.”

I’m no longer interested in my interview. My mind is spinning with these two. What is their story? Because I’m certain there is something simmering beneath the surface.

Heart's Desire Teaser 7

An Angel Fire Rock Romance; a Stand Alone Novel

When you mix Hot Rockers with Military Special Ops You get the Whole Package!

Heart’s Desire is releasing on June 7th! Preorder your copy now and read all about Major Tia Myers, aka ‘T’ and Tech Sergeant Ryker Lyons.

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Book of the Week!

Well, this would have to be Heart’s Insanity of course!

What is Angel Fire?

**The Angel Fire series is a series of interconnected standalone rockstar romances.**

Heart’s Insanity is the first standalone novel in the Angel Fire rock romance series. Grab your COPY Click here NOW!

What Readers are Saying


★★★★★ Wow!! AMAZING!!! ASH IS MINE!

★★★★★ This book is gonna ROCK your world!

Left me breathless! ~ Such a beautifully turbulent story.

“So many emotions, so many feels, I can hardly contain myself. Ellie did a great job of putting me right there in the thick of it. I felt like I was part of this crazy crew.” ~ Rough Draft Book Blog

Book Description:

Dr. Skye Summers beat the odds, despite her past and the lingering scars, she’s thriving, curing the sick and healing the wounded. Professionally her life’s a success. Personally? She’s tired of putting up with arrogant men who think nothing of ripping out her heart.

No more dating.

No more relationships.

No more men.

She’s too broken for love.

Ash is a rock star who has it all: fame, fortune, and the adoration of screaming fans, but the constant parties and endless string of one-night stands are taking their toll. He’s tired of cheap women who only want one thing.

No more flings.

No more empty sex.

No more women.

He wants something else … something real.

When sparks ignite between him and the sassy Dr. Summers, Ash is intrigued. When she has no idea who he is, he’s fascinated. When she runs after a little innocent flirting, he’s determined to pursue.

Ash is confident enough to go after what he wants, and something tells him this woman might just be worth the chase.

What reviewers are saying…

“…blew my expectations away … I thought it was going to go one way but it went in the opposite direction, took a few turns, got on the highway and just took off. If you think this is going to be like every other rock star romance book out there, you’d be wrong.” ~  Amazon reviewer

“This book will suck you in from the beginning, and take you on an amazing adventure. I laughed, I cried, and I fell in love with Ash and Skye.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“What a crazy whirlwind of a story line. Tons of fun, loads of sexy…This is most assuredly an author to watch…5 Stars” ~ Rachel Bound by Book


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A Review on Heart’s Desire

I got a review on Heart’s Desire.
My heart is full!
“Wow! My first time reading this author. I had no idea what to expect. I won a copy of this book in a random draw. So glad I did! I did not read the first book in this series, but I think that was ok. I’d like to read it now though! As for this book, it was really, really enjoyable to read. The characters jumped off the pages and stole your heart, mind and imagination. The story was exciting, believable, and extremely well-written by this author, putting the reader right there in the action. And lots of action there was–Special Ops missions, rock concerts, and hot, steamy sex–this book had it all! The two main characters, Tia and Ryker, are quite the combustible couple. Tia is the perfect, powerful, kickass woman to go toe-to-toe with Alpha Male Ryker. I LOVED them! Grab yourself a copy of Heart’s Desire and enjoy!”~Chris
Preorder your copy now: www.elliemasters.com/HeartsDesire
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Exciting News is HERE and ON the Horizon!

Jet and I just came back from the Third Annual GIANT Magnolia Hunt. What is a Giant Magnolia? Well, it grows in the south and looks little like the Magnolia’s you may be familiar with. Magnolias are known for their beautiful blooms and subtle fragrance. They average between 10-12″ in diameter. Few have seen the wild GIANTS, however! They grow as large as 30″ across and have a delicate perfume!!

Jet is playing the part of Vanna White, showing you the difference between these two fabulous flowers!

AUDIOPhiles!!! I have a surprise for you!

Heart’s Insanity, narrated by the amazing Amanda Stribling, is now LIVE on Audio.

You can grab your copy HERE!

New to Audio? Well, then you are in for a TREAT!

Click here to get your FREE Copy of Heart’s Insanity on Audio!

Not an audiophile? That’s just fine you can still read Heart’s Insanity on any device. Click HERE to grab your copy!

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