Action! Adventure! Dystopia at it’s best! Love! Drama! And even angst! This series has it all.


I met Pam Godwin during the creation of Dead of Eve and have followed this story through the entire trilogy. I absolutely love this series and for those who want to read something out of the box, which is very much within the box too, this is your read. Dawn of Eve is the final book in the Eve trilogy. I never thought I would recover from the ending of book two, but I didn’t have to worry about figuring that out. Pam drops you right back into the action, pulse pounding, heart thumping, and even breaking from the very first page.


Dawn has been raised by her three fathers. She’s a firecracker, which should be expected from the child prophesized to save the world. Survival skills from her father Jesse. An analytic mind from Michio’s scientific knowledge. A heart of gold from the biblical teaching of her father Roark. Each of this are bound together by her mother’s bravery and legacy.


I had the privilege of critiquing this novel, and chapter by chapter, Pam sliced, shredded, and knitted my heart together. Over and over again, and I loved every agonizing and brilliant tortuous step. I loved Salem. I hated him. I despised everything about him. I wrote to Pam concerned about how Salem could ever be redeemed in my eyes. And then, something amazing happened. I fell in love with Salem and his dedication to Dawn.


This book will hook you. It will grab a hold of you and stay with you forever. I can’t recommend this trilogy enough.

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