Day 11: Your current relationship….

30 day writing challenge

I believe in true love. I believe you can look into the eyes of your soul mate and JUST KNOW. Many people don’t believe me, but for my husband and I, we were one of the lucky few who JUST KNEW.


I met the love of my life the day I left home for good, sitting beside a swimming pool in a tiny black bikini. I’ll never know if it was the bikini or some other quality about me, but he SAW me, and jumped off the diving board to reach me. I thought he was loony, until he swam over and captivated me with those incredibly blue eyes and a smile I couldn’t ignore.

maxresdefault (This picture is random off the net, but looked very much like the pool we met at…I snagged it for this post)

Our first date, we talked about nothing other than our very horrible, and very EX-significant others. I think that set the foundation of our friendship and our love. We’d both been badly hurt and weren’t willing to travel back down that road. With our limits in place, he swept me off my feet and I believe I planted a smile in his heart.

That night I knew, but it wouldn’t be until three months later that he asked me to be his forever. I said YES, unequivocally YES, with no hesitation. We married a few short weeks later and have been together for years and years and years.

Over those years, we’ve lived in many states and outside the country. I’ve worked at a multitude of jobs, and my primary job is one I still enjoy and love dearly. Writing has only come recently to me, a hobby which turned into a passion. I’ve met other authors, and discovered with relief, I’m not the only person to have a mind populated with characters talking, arguing, and having hot sex.

Now, I live with my beloved husband, two children who won’t flee the nest, and various animals, including three cats who rule the household and an adorable dog who wants the cats to be his friends. The cats have other thoughts on this matter. My favorite way to spend an evening is curled up on a couch, laptop in place, watching the fire, and bringing forth characters from my mind to the page, and hopefully into the hearts of my readers.

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