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EM_Changing Roles Off Duty ebook NONDISCLOSURE_Fidelityworld

The Collective Series

1thecollectiveEM Becoming His LTB BT COVER

Romantic Suspense


twist-of-fate-cover The Starling Coming Soon

Sweet Contemporary Romance

Finding Peace EBOOK Large

A Collection of Passionate Poems and Sensul Shorts

amazon-kindle-cover  <== EBOOK    Paperback/Hardback ==>  cover

Ellie Masters writing as L.A. Warren

Vendel Rising: a YA Science Fiction series with romantic elements

Coming Fall 2018

VR It Begins with the end


Delve into my thoughts, as erratic as they are, and we’ll have fun being deviant together.

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Exciting News is HERE and ON the Horizon!

Jet and I just came back from the Third Annual GIANT Magnolia Hunt. What is a Giant Magnolia? Well, it grows in the south and looks little like the Magnolia’s you may be familiar with. Magnolias are known for their beautiful blooms and subtle fragrance. They average between 10-12″ in diameter. Few have seen the wild GIANTS, however! They grow as large as 30″ across and have a delicate perfume!!

Jet is playing the part of Vanna White, showing you the difference between these two fabulous flowers!

AUDIOPhiles!!! I have a surprise for you!

Heart’s Insanity, narrated by the amazing Amanda Stribling, is now LIVE on Audio.

You can grab your copy HERE!

New to Audio? Well, then you are in for a TREAT!

Click here to get your FREE Copy of Heart’s Insanity on Audio!

Not an audiophile? That’s just fine you can still read Heart’s Insanity on any device. Click HERE to grab your copy!

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When a Review of your Book (The Starling) makes your Heart go THUD!

Review by Kay on Goodreads….

The Starling is available now for preorder on iBooks, Nook, Kobo and Google Play
To be notified when available on Amazon, click HERE.

Imagine The Thomas Crown Affair merged with Entrapment and know that The Starling is an Oscar winner beyond those art heist films. What makes a good heist movie even better? A handsome leading man paired against a hot leading lady and The Starling scores BIG in that category. I am completely in love with the leading characters Vivianne Faulks and Paul de Gaules.

The Starling has it all; intrigue, secrets, lies, sexual tension, international espionage, and stunning visual imagery like you wouldn’t believe. I was truly standing in Paris thanks to Ellie Masters gorgeous descriptions.

Vivianne Faulks is an art expert, particularly with Van Gogh paintings. She is known for being able to identify a fake vs. the original. Although she has a secret as to why she is so good that she has never shared with anyone.

Paul de Gaules has a reputation in the art world. A man who walks the line between legal and illegal art sales. As Vivianne is drawn more into his world she fears her own secret being uncovered while stumbling upon the very ones she’s supposed to be investigating.

The game they find themselves in is not the original one they signed up for and the ante is more than just a lost painting. Both have decisions to make that will put their lives in danger, but it’s hard to trust someone when there are so many secrets between them.

From the moment you pick up this book you will be captivated by peeling back the layers and discovering each characters secrets. For as each truth is revealed another omission of truth lies dormant. Will it ever be revealed? That is the exciting adventure you should definitely pick up and read to discover yourself.

The Starling will be released on April 12th.

The Starling Add 2
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COVER REVEAL: Stockholm, by Leigh Lennon


stockholm banner 2

Genre: Dark Romance

Cover Design: Najla Qamber

Release Date: March 23, 2018
What happens when your captor becomes your savior?

Mikayla Miller wakes up one morning, bound to a bed, in a farmhouse in Alberta, Canada, with no recollection of how she got there.

When she comes face to face with her captor, Mikayla can’t deny the instant chemistry between them. The man she only knows as Nolan insists he’s her protector, but lives by his own unique moral compass.

As the days turn into months, Nolan’s touch, his words, and the way he looks at her, ignite her body and soul. No matter how hard Mikayla fights their unmistakable connection they share, she begins to fall for him, and a new woman is created in her place.

Back in the small town where Mikayla disappeared, two women reel from a shattering loss. When letters suddenly start appearing from Mikayla, twelve years later, they are left wondering why she’d choose her abductor over her own family.

Love is complicated, and messy; but sometimes the heart can’t help what it wants.

For Mikayla Miller, it never was a choice.


Stockholm Excerpt

After a very quiet dinner where Mikayla and Nolan barely spoke, she’d found a blanket and snuggled up on the couch in the den. With her knees tucked close to her chest, she stared at the snow that seemed as if it would cover the earth for the entire year. In her own world, she was dozing off here and there, as she’d still been recovering from her illness. Hearing a loud clank on the ottoman, she yanked her head back and saw he’d thrown a deck of cards on it. “What the hell, Nolan? After your little tantrum, I need a break from you.”

“We’ve had a break all day, sweetness, and I want to play a game.” His hot and cold personality was more than she’d be able to take in the upcoming months.

“By all means, Nolan wants to play a game, so let me hop up right now and be at your fucking beck and call! Do you always get your way?” Mikayla had shed the blanket and was standing toe-to-toe with Nolan.

Grabbing the cards and placing them in her hands, he replied, “You’re here, so you answer that question.” He sat down across from Mikayla as she started to shuffle. “Wow, you can really shuffle; you could be a Las Vegas dealer.”

Flipping him off, as he was obviously teasing at all the cards that were being flipped by her butterfingers, she gave him the deck to cut.  “What are we playing, asshole?” She always insulted him whenever the emotions he stirred in her were winning against her hatred.

“War but it’s modified a bit. For each win, the winner asks the loser a question they have to answer.”

Mikayla raised her brow. “Anything?”

“Within reason, my little sweetness. But no questions I ask are off-limits to you.”

She was tempted to toss her water at him as she spat, “You really are an dick.”

Setting the deck down and giving her half of it, he replied, “Yes, sometimes, but most of the time, I’m gentle and sweet, and I can do things to you if you’d only allow me.”

Her body betrayed her, and she could sense her nipples were hard against the flimsy bra she wore. Nolan was obvious in that he saw the change in her body and winked her way.

Placing down her card, Mikayla watched as he set his down and then she said, “I win.” Tapping her finger against her chin, she teased him, “Um … what to ask you—I know! Is Nolan your real name?”


“Are you going to tell me your real name?”

With his lips turned up, he winked and replied, “This will be a free answer, and that’s a no.”

With the next set of cards, she set down a six, and he set down a seven. “My turn, sweetness. Hmm, are you a virgin?”

Quickly, she responded, “No.”

Next turn, she set down a two, and he set down a nine. “I win again. How many men have you slept with?”

“Two.” Before he could respond, she placed down a five, and he placed a queen.

“Fuck!” Mikayla exclaimed.

“Only if you are lucky!” Before she could respond, he took a swig of his beer, and it was odd to see him drinking. He never had, not since they’d been here together. “Do you orgasm easily?”

She laughed. “I’m not answering that, and are you drunk?”

“Nope, just one beer, that’s it. And you have to answer the question.”

“Let’s just say, my partner works hard but also gets rewarded.” She had planned to elicit as much pain as she could with him; if he was going to give it, she’d give it back as painfully. Mikayla put down a king, and Nolan put down a ten. “Finally. Now, how did you come upon me that night when you kidnapped me?”

“Would you believe fate?” Nolan asked, and with a shake of Mikayla’s head, he continued, “It’s pretty much the truth.”


GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36948442-stockholm


Leigh Lennon is mother, veteran and a wife of a cancer survivor. Originally with a degree in education, she started writing as an outlet that has led to a deep passion. She lugs her computer with her as she crafts her next story. Her imaginary friends become real on her pages as she creates a world for them. She loves pretty nails, spikey hair and large earrings. Leigh can be found drinking coffee or wine, depending on the time of the day.


Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1257849247670788

Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/leigh.reagan.7

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Author-Leigh-Lennon-241279059702421

Twitter: https://twitter.com/4leighlennon

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leigh_lennon

Website: http://www.authorleighlennon.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17117459.Leigh_Lennon

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Leigh-Lennon/e/B074WMY4XV


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The Starling Release Games and Giveaway

The buzz is all about The Starling! And here’s something fun…
1) Solve the puzzle (https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=0e3b912c552f)
2) Sign up for The Starling release news (https://mailchi.mp/fdeec9cac6be/thestarling)
3) Fill out The Starling Release Games and Giveaways form (https://goo.gl/forms/esO1cbwOC5F5JyyW2)
4) Share/Tag this post with your friends

What’s up for grabs?
Everyone who signs up will receive the first three chapters ahead of release!
One signed copy of The Starling (open internationally) will go to the winner.

To be eligible you must complete 1,2, 3.
Shares are much appreciated.

starling in flight (Sturnus vulgaris) isolated on white. Studio shot.

starling in flight (Sturnus vulgaris) isolated on white. Studio shot.

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The Art of Making Teasers

The Starling

There really is very little art to making teasers. All you really need is an exceptional friend in your back pocket. Someone who can look at your manuscript and pull out all these gems, one liners, two liners, and tiny excerpts that you can’t see. I don’t see them. I can write 100,000 words, a wonderfully engaging and rich story, something that makes MY heart flutter and pulse race, but ask me to go into those 100,000 words and find a line or two to turn into a teaser? I’m like a deer in the head lights. I can’t. That task is beyond me.

Fortunately, I have a really good friend in my back pocket, a few really. Without them, I don’t know what I’d do. I may write the stories, but my village, my tribe, helps me bring them to the light of day.

starling in flight (Sturnus vulgaris) isolated on white. Studio shot.

I can’t wait to get THE STARLING into your hands!

Available by preorder now: books2read.com/TheStarling

If you want to be notified when it goes LIVE on Amazon then sign up here.


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Did someone say PUZZLE???

Hey there! Check this out. My book cover is an online PUZZLE!

preview54 piece
ChangingRoles EBOOK VS

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YOU: a serialized novel

This is the first installment of my serialized novel:


It will be brought exclusively to my Newsletter subscribers. Not a subscriber to my newsletter? Sign up here.

Intro chapter is here for your pleasure…

Future chapters will be available only to newsletter subscribers.

woman in chains

I’ve been brought to the pit. He’s to fight for me again. When the next piece of flesh thrown down there is dead, he’ll have me. He’s seen me. Smelled me. Tasted me. Only one thing remains.

My sanity fled weeks ago. I pass the time with nothing other than the number of moments I’m forced to stand by this pit.

Screams echo in the dark cavern and reverberate deep in my chest. I’m forced to listen. Forced to stay. Forced to endure this endless torment.

Me, standing by this pit.

Me, listening to the screams.

This is how I measure time.

In the days before these brutal fights, he paces the confines of our cell, growling promises of what he’ll visit on me. Of course, he can’t touch me. Not yet. Such privileges must be earned, like the final violation he seeks.

In the dankness of that pit, he will put another life to a brutal end. Your life.

Once each week—I think it’s a week? Sometimes the space between then and now feels spread out along an endless eternity. Where was I? Oh, right. They bring us here. Him and me. Lowering him down to fight while forcing me to listen. And You. They bring you. He needs someone to kill.

You arrive to meet your opponent. Those gathered hush with your arrival. The clanking of your chains drags my attention from the dankness of the pit to the rough walls of stone, and the one source of light in the room.

In the space between light and darkness, shadows dance over the hardened planes of your rough cut muscle. Bipedal, you’re humanoid, but your face is buried in the dark. Your strength is undeniable, but it won’t be enough. And if it is, I will begin this dance from the beginning. Your victories bringing the sight, smell, taste, and touch of me to your depredations. Or worse…that is, if you win.

You’re a mystery. In this foul place, they anticipate your fear-stench, hunger for it even. They will lap up your terror, devour it, and revel in the power it brings them.

Even if you win, one day you will turn from victor to loser. It’s inevitable.

I wonder if you wouldn’t prefer the quicker death? I would join you on that journey, except they keep their precious prize alive with a religious devotion.

And there you are, magnificent and proud, but no more than a passing glimpse before the Deep Dark swallows you with one step from darkness, to light, and back into shadow.

Tall. Powerful. A ferocity coils within you. Even I can sense that. And while I have my own questions, these monsters have but one.

Will he die? Will he win? Will we feast upon his fear?

And I shudder, wondering the same. My gaze locks on the glowing amber of your eyes. Not human. You are another monster.


The shaking in my limbs intensifies making the chains dangling from my shackles rattle in the hushed silence. The sound is shrill in my ears and accelerates my fear.

I don’t mean to wish you harm, but the thought does cross my mind. A moment’s glimpse reveals your broad shoulders before they block the light.

Why couldn’t you be frail and weak? It would be easier on you. Your features bring forth images of lethal power, dominant strength, feral lust, and imminent death.

Your alien body vibrates the very air, filling it with fury and rage. Mine answers, a weak response, fluttering outward before dissipating in the rankness of the air. I barely exist. You see, I know defeat.

Whether you win down there or not, you will soon know it too.

Fear spikes through me, but I force myself to calm, unwilling to feed our captors’ hunger more than I already have. I do not belong to you. Not yet. That privilege must be earned.

The beast down there? He’s not sane. This place does that to a person. It breaks apart a mind, feeding fears until it cracks. I’m barely sane, and that thing in the pit? He’s killed four others, and knows what he earns with this fifth, and final victory. Your death.

My dear warrior, I fear you, but I fear him more.

Kill him. Kill him, for me.

I ask that you live.

We’ll begin another game, and I’ll dance around the cracks in my mind. This place is hell. There is no escape, but I’d rather face hell with you than with him.

The Deep Dark closes around the gathering, shrouding us in nothingness. For me, I accept the lack of light. I’ve long since abandoned hope. I embrace my fate, or at least what my mind whispers into the deepening cracks in my sanity.

It begins now.

You’re nothing but a twisting bulk of muscle, breathing hard as our captors maneuver you over the pit. Beneath your feet He waits to rip and rend. None of his bouts last more than a few of my strangled breaths. Each brings him one step closer to his prize, one I will not survive. His rut will be my ruin.

The platform sways beneath your feet, boards creaking and groaning with your weight. Your chains clang, and your breath rattles the air. Long, ponderous pulls of life giving oxygen—a substance you won’t need much longer—are wasted on you.

Will they hand you the key? They don’t always. It’s a tease. They enjoy playing with their toys. Not that you have time to free yourself. That desire for freedom is nourishment they suck into their lungs as you cling to a desperate hope.

But what do I care? I already count you among the dead.

Why waste breath on you at all?

Except, even if you are as bad as him, a win today grants me a reprieve. You earn a glimpse of me, your future prize. I gain something much more valuable.


Four more opportunities to pray another monster will take your place and reset the clock to my ruin.

A guttural laugh signals the beginning of the end. From the rustling, I deduce they’ve given you the key. Now it’s up to you. Unlock your chains or brace for your fall.

Beside me, Ranckor’s breath fills the air. His foul stench rolls over me, making me gag.

“This one is-s-s…s-s-strong,” he hisses into my ear. “Icknor gave him the wrong key. What do you think will happen when he drops-s-s?”

My conditioning keeps my revulsion in check. I’d once been a warrior, if you can believe that. I was not always this pathetic thing.

Ranckor would fuck me if he could, but his body is incompatible with my physiology. They aren’t here for that. Ranckor. Icknor. All of them. They get off on my fight for survival. My fear feeds them. Yours, too. That surge of adrenaline in your body? It is a feast to them. You have no idea how you nourish our captors. But you will learn.

With a slurp of his forked tongue, Ranckor yanks on the chain which releases you into the pit. You drop into dark depths. There you will battle for life, and I will pray for death.


Newsletter subscribers will get exclusive content of this special serialized novel….YOU.

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5 DAYS and Counting! Finding Peace is coming! Releases September 30th!

Only 5 Days left!

Special Preorder and Release week pricing!

Grab your copy before the price goes up!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Finding Peace by Ellie Masters

Finding Peace

by Ellie Masters

Giveaway ends October 08, 2017.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

You may also be interested in a Rafflecopter giveaway

for another chance to win a paperback copy.


Abby Knight’s promising start as a family physician is cut short by an abusive relationship. She leaves a painful past behind and trades the hustle and bustle of city living for the more sedate pace of country life.

She’s excited to join her Uncle’s family practice in Peace, and looks forward to many years working by his side.

As for relationships? Abby’s not interested. The only thing she cares about is establishing her medical practice and maybe finding a little bit of peace along the way.

However, a freak blizzard in May, quirky llamas, and a determined rancher have other plans in mind.

What people are saying?

I just loved JustCin’s Goodreads FIVE star review for FINDING PEACE. You should go read what she has to say on Goodreads, and while you’re there stop in and click on the paperback giveaway.

JustCin’s review is here…

“Everyone wants a place to call home – a place where you know you belong and are needed, loved, and wanted. This story of Abby and Drake takes you on that journey – Abby was running from a past that stole her dreams and hopes for the future. But in running from her past she ran straight into Drake – and the chemistry between the two was undeniable. The writing is amazing and the characters are well developed. You get a little of everything in here, from steamy and sexy to sweet and tender. This is just an incredibly beautiful story that warms your heart! By facing her fears and living in the moment – can Abby truly find peace? You really need to read this one to find out!”

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6 DAYS and Counting! Finding Peace is coming soon!

FINDING PEACE is coming soon!

Only 6 Days left!

Special Release week pricing as well!

Grab your copy before the price goes up!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Finding Peace by Ellie Masters

Finding Peace

by Ellie Masters

Giveaway ends October 08, 2017.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

You may also be interested in a Rafflecopter giveaway

for another chance to win a paperback copy.


Abby Knight’s promising start as a family physician is cut short by an abusive relationship. She leaves a painful past behind and trades the hustle and bustle of city living for the more sedate pace of country life.

She’s excited to join her Uncle’s family practice in Peace, and looks forward to many years working by his side.

As for relationships? Abby’s not interested. The only thing she cares about is establishing her medical practice and maybe finding a little bit of peace along the way.

However, a freak blizzard in May, quirky llamas, and a determined rancher have other plans in mind.

What people are saying?

I just loved Mary Brannian‘s Goodreads FIVE star review for FINDING PEACE. You should go read what she has to say on Goodreads, and while you’re there stop in and click on the paperback giveaway.

Mary’s review is here…

I’ll paraphrase….

“…Driving down the road in a blinding May snowstorm, Abby is recalling the events that led to her decision to move to Peace. Her abusive ex, Jacob, is weighing heavily in her thoughts, when…. MOOSE! THERE’S A MOOSE IN THE ROAD!!!! Abby swerves to miss the beast and ends up stranded in a ditch.

Snow is blowing, it’s getting colder and colder, and Abby has no clue where she is. She knows she was only a couple of miles outside of Peace, so Abby leaves her vehicle and starts to walk to town… or does she? Surrounded by wolves, Abby does her best to scare them away, when out of the squall arrives a savior…. A gun toting, tall, mysteriously scarred cowboy….

Drake hears the wolves howling…. And knows… something or someone is in danger. Expecting the wolves to be threatening a neighbor’s livestock, he is stunned to see a woman in the storm. Drake shoots the wolves, and turns to Abby, expecting a thank you. Sparks immediately fly……

Enjoyable book, with a hint of erotica and a kiss of kink; it’s a fast read that kept me captivated until the end.”

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Ten Author Paperback Giveaway

Samantha Cole Rafflecopter

Enter this amazing Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win paperbacks from these amazing authors. This begins on Saturday and runs through September 25th!

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