Military Romance, Romantic Suspense


Meet the Guardians & Protectors, former military special ops soldiers turned hostage rescue specialists.

With dangerous missions, heroic rescues, nail-biting suspense, and sizzling romance, the entire series is an addictive adrenaline rush from the first page to the last.

Fierce protectors, the Guardians are a band of brothers who’ll face any danger to rescue those who’ve been taken.

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Introducing the GUARDIANS!

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The Men of Alpha Team

The Men of Bravo Team

The Guardian Protectors

Protector Series

The Guardian Hostage Rescue Series is About Captivity, Rescue, & Recovery.

Violent Action Scenes Contrast With A Deep Journey Of Discovery as Each Couple Works To Make Their Own Sense Of Normal Despite The Depravity They Have Both Witnessed.

The Suspense Mounts As The Guardians Work To Bring A Human Trafficking Ring Down.

Trigger warning: sensitive readers should take note. This book includes violence, abduction, issues of non-consent, and captivity.

Each book is a standalone, following one couple’s happy for now ending, but the story of the Guardians is ongoing throughout.


Book one, Rescuing Melissa, was CJ Rowan’s story. CJ hopes to find closure after losing his younger sister to a serial killer, taking a week off work to witness justice on her behalf. He is part of Delta team and ends up working on a local case with two of his teammates, Jenny and Mac, tracking down a missing woman. Things get complicated when a storm blows through town. The story takes a deep dive inside the mind of the criminal.

In Rescuing Zoe, book two, former SEAL and Alpha team medic Axel helps rescue his best friend’s little sister, Zoe Lancaster, who was taken from Cancun over spring break. His rejection of her affections the year before is still fresh for them both. This story has a different speed than book one, which had a more steady rhythm. This book starts out dark and twisted – be forewarned. It is horrifying. It then takes a step back and digs into the characters before finishing with another dark dive and a twist. Axel and Zoe’s story connects with, and leads into, book three.

Book three, Rescuing Moira, continues the Guardians’ efforts to retrieve Moira and bring her back to The Facility, which had been her home over the past year since she was rescued – up until getting kidnapped a second time. Griff, Alpha team’s expert interrogator, is determined to bring her back despite the injury he sustained while rescuing Zoe. He had maintained a professional distance from Moira over the course of the year he spent teaching her self-defense, but her flirting had not made that an easy task for him.

In book four, Rescuing Eve, Alpha’s team leader Max goes deep undercover when Mitzy identifies the location of their client’s daughter. It turns out that the case is related to the trafficking ring they have been trying to bring down, and there are questions about why their client, Carson Deverough, waited so long to ask for their help. Evelyn Deverough feels guilty about her special treatment as she watches the training the other girls endure at The Retreat, but she tries to ease the guilt by convincing herself that she is in a better position to help them. When she meets the mysterious Mr. S, a buyer there for the latest auction, she is disgusted to discover how attracted she feels towards such a vile man.

In book five, Rescuing Lily, Alpha One – Max – sits on the sidelines with an injury so his partner and close friend, Knox, takes the lead on an operation in New Orleans. The Guardians follow a lead they got from Benefield at The Retreat in Colombia, hoping to discover the identity of the person still running the operation, but Knox finds himself in the crosshairs of a sexy undercover DEA agent.


An organization formed for the purpose of rescuing hostages both domestic and worldwide, Guardian HRS is composed of primarily ex-military special forces – trained soldiers and experts in their fields. The best and the finest are recruited upon leaving the military in order to serve on these elite teams. Since most are former military, they slide into their roles with relative ease. They must perfect enhanced interrogation techniques, without which their missions would be doomed to fail. Unlike the military, they are not restricted by governmental standards. They have no qualms about taking out bad guys. Due to the nature of their work, staying in prime physical condition is a requirement. When not employed on missions, the Guardians do physical training and drills. They work one week a month to empower their rescued victims by teaching them self-defense. Tech and medical teams provide vital mission support to the Guardians.

Sam, who is a legend in the black ops community, heads the organization. He is well-connected in the government and recruits only the best to join the ranks of the Guardians. The company assists the FBI on a contract basis with domestic off-the-books hostage extractions, working mostly with wealthy clients. These government connections help to keep Guardians protected by people in high places even though their work doesn’t typically stay within the law.

The tech team is a brilliant but disorganized group. They are led by Mitzy, Lead Technical Engineer, who has a bit of OCD but is a veritable tech genius. Mitzy is quirky and brilliant with a computer, so Forest snatched her up for the Guardians. The tech team works in the background, digging up the information needed to ensure successful missions. Mitzy works with facts and leaves the assumptions to the Guardians.

The medical team stands on call at all times. They frequently travel on location to save lives and administer care to team members and rescued victims alike. Dr. Skye Summers, Lead Medical Physician, also happens to be one of the two co-founders of The Guardians. Ryker and Tia, a married couple, are on the medical team.

Guardian operations are overseen by Charles James Rowan (CJ), formerly of Delta team, who has become a famed member of the organization since bringing down a serial killer and his copy cat in book one. He still reports to Sam, but he has since been promoted to Mission Commander. He leads Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta teams. Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie teams travel worldwide to take down traffickers and rescue victims. Delta team’s focus remains domestic.

Alpha team includes Max (Alpha-One) as team leader. Knox is his second (Alpha-Two). Axel (Alpha-Three) is team medic. Griff (Alpha-Four) specializes in interrogation. Liam and Wolfe finish out the team (Alpha-Five and Alpha-Six).

Bravo team is led by Brady, Max’s best friend (Bravo-One). The team includes Booker.

Charlie team includes Tex as team leader (Charlie-One), Hank (Charlie-Two), Walt (Charlie-Three), Blake, Jeb, and Gabe.

Delta, CJ’s old team, is now led by Jenny (Delta-One). Delta team is the only Guardian team with female members. Others on the team include Mac, Jon Knutt, Brett Parmley, and Charlene Moudin (Delta-Six). Charlie/Charlene – every man’s wet dream – is the newest member of the team. Jenny is from Brazil and a former victim herself. She and Mac have an interesting dynamic.

Located along the California coast, The Facility is a residential rehabilitation center run by the organization. It is a secure facility that rescued victims can opt to stay at while learning to overcome the trauma they have faced. The huge complex serves as a safe place for trafficking survivors and rescued youth to live and learn how to recover their lives. Most of its residents are minors, many of which were rescued from the foster system. In addition to learning self-defense, they are provided counseling and education. While residents at The Facility, victims work to build self-confidence. They learn to empower themselves by not being victims, but by becoming survivors.

Forest Summers is a billionaire investor whose support funds many of the Guardians’ activities. He and his sister Skye co-founded The Guardians: HRS. Sam runs the show, but he reports to Forest. Forest’s troubled youth has inspired him to help those in need. He is committed to rescuing youth from bad foster homes as well as liberating those swept up into human trafficking. Taking down the networks behind the business is a priority. Forest’s interests don’t just stop there, though. He also founded The Facility and manages the rock band Angel Fire. He dabbles in many things. He has a brilliant but unusual mind. He doesn’t relate well to people yet dedicates his time and money to helping the most unfortunate.

Note that Forest Summers is a crossover character. An emotional prequel to his story gives readers insight into his early trauma and motivation. Read the novella Ashes to New to learn about him and his foster sister Skye. Read Changing Roles (books 4-6), a book by Jet Masters (and Ellie Masters) that crosses several series in one book. It is also book two in the Captive Hearts series. It shows the human trafficking side of the story, and Forest’s involvement from that angle. He is also in the Angel Fire rock star series as their manager, where he finally gets his own HEA. Forest’s Fall is book six of that series. It takes place after Changing Roles (and was previously book three of the Captive Hearts series).

That is not the only crossover. Three on the medical team also have crossover stories. Skye Summers gets her story with Ash Dean (a.k.a. Blaze) in book one of the Angel Fire rock band series, Heart’s Insanity. Major Tia Meyers (T) and Technical Sergeant Ryker Lyons get their story in Heart’s Desire, book two of the Angel Fire series. On the tech side, Mitzy gets her story with Noodles of Angel Fire in book five of that series, Hearts Entwined. It was through Forest that she met rock star Noodles.

IN BOOK 5, Rescuing Lily:

This story revolves around Alpha team. In book two, Zoe and Moira (both victims who were rescued by the Guardians and staying at The Facility) are kidnapped while on an outing in Santa Monica. Zoe is tracked down to a Columbian warehouse and rescued, but Moira couldn’t be found. They all returned home to wait for the tech team to track down her whereabouts. In book three, Moira is rescued yet again. The Guardians capture Julian Townsend, the man who had been determined to have Moira for himself. With him in their custody, they hope to learn more information about the trafficking ring he used to get Moira. In book four, Alpha’s team leader Max goes deep undercover during the last week of June when Mitzy identifies the location of their new client’s daughter. It turns out that the case is related to the trafficking ring they have been trying to bring down, and there are questions about why their client, Carson Deverough, waited so long to ask for their help. Townsend’s information proves helpful in gaining access to Eve’s location. Team leader Max and his second Knox go undercover at The Retreat in Colombia to rescue Eve Deverough, and they leave with what should be a treasure trove of information but for the fact that it is all written in cipher.

This story probably takes place in July, soon after the close of book four.

Knox Wilder, about twenty-eight, is ready for a challenge. The arrogant Alpha Two has bad boy good looks that always reel in the women. Lately, though, it has become too easy. New Orleans is a party town with lots of choices, but those choices have somehow lost their flavor. He has become almost bored. He is restless, which is unusual. He hasn’t attempted a relationship in years. After joining the Navy, he soon gave up trying anything new because of the long periods of time spent at sea and away from home. It never lasted, so he opted for nameless one night stands. No feelings are ever involved – just a night of lust. It has served him well. He and his team leader Max went through the SEALS together and eventually joined the Guardians together, too. The lifestyle remains a big obstacle to a relationship, but his buddy Max just found the love of his life, following in Axel and Griff’s footsteps. Still, Knox has no desire to give up his bachelor ways anytime soon. He doesn’t understand why his friends suddenly decided to settle down. That just leaves him, Wolfe, and Liam now to head out to the bars each night in search of a women.

Knox is currently acting team commander while Max remains out on injury. The team is in New Orleans trying to piece together the few leads they recovered from the Colombia operation. Carson Deverough, the local shipping mogul who hired the Guardians to save his daughter, continues to have a cloud of suspicion hanging over his head. The Guardians have a name, date, and time. Something is happening tomorrow, and Mitzy, their tech guru, is working to figure out where. Based on experience, they anticipate it might be located somewhere near a dock with shipping containers. But they also wonder if they might just be walking into a trap, not unlike Bravo team did when they set off explosives in Cancun. They are still nursing their wounds. Max wants to groom Knox to take over his own team, but Knox has no interest in leading or leaving his friends. He is happy where he is. Max says Knox is cautious to a fault, and Knox knows himself enough to know he isn’t a natural, whereas Max takes charge with ease. Stepping into Max’s shoes is a big responsibility.

Lily Freeman, probably in her mid-twenties, works hard to prove herself on the job. She considers herself very lucky, having been adopted by a loving couple after she was abandoned as a baby. Her adoptive sister Jinx was born and abandoned on the same day. They are best friends, along with Callie, the unexpected baby that their parents had not long after they were adopted. They all went to college together. Callie opened a bar afterward, but both Lily and Jinx joined the DEA. Jinx works as an intelligence officer. Lily, though, works in the field. She is the only woman on her team, and even though most of the men are nice to her, she doesn’t fit in with the guys. And Peter is downright chauvinistic. Each day she shows up feeling like she has to prove herself.

Lily has just been given her first undercover assignment, which is thrilling. It could make her career. She is meant to get close to Knox Wilder, a man who is suspected of being involved in trafficking narcotics. He has been identified as being at the location of a few shipments recently and has been named by an informant. It seems a little flimsy, but it makes sense when all the pieces are put together. She must figure out who Knox’s employer is and his involvement in the drug trade business. She must then use him as a way to get inside the network before taking him down. Working undercover has its advantages, and she plans to have a little fun with this assignment. She has never been good with relationships, so she isn’t afraid to go after what she wants, and she feels drawn to Knox Wilder in spite of his criminal activity. She has studied him, and the man is too confident for his own good. Taking him down a notch would give her great pleasure.

When Knox’s Spidey senses put him on alert, he finds himself staring at a beautiful blonde that has him captivated. He is looking for a good time, or maybe just a dance, but she seems to have something else in mind. A game of darts with a special set of rules. Lily might be playing him, but the mischievous Guardian is all cool confidence. He has a way of taking control even when he is on the losing side. He patiently awaits the opportunity for payback, when Lily wonders if she bit off more than she can chew by pushing Knox to the limit. He is intimidating, and she hates showing any vulnerability. Neither one is looking for love, but the undeniable connection that they share is electric. They fall instantly, only to be faced with betrayal. They each have a job to do, which further complicates matters. Their unconventional love story includes games, lies, retribution, a good amount of teasing and one-minded banter, some steamy scenes, and grief. Neither is big on feelings, but they seem to fit together so seamlessly that suddenly anything is possible. They eventually earn a happy for now ending.

This book ends with Wolfe’s POV as it leads into his upcoming story with Lily’s sister Jinx. She and Wolfe spend a fair amount of time arguing and building up the tension in this book, but their story is told in book six of the series, Rescuing Jinx.

This romantic thriller will have you on the edge of your seat! The chemistry between Knox and Lily is instant, but their jobs soon pull them apart. The story takes you into New Orleans’ French Quarter, complete with bars and beignets. The body shots are a hoot! There are more shipping containers and docks, and some familiar names appear, too. Lily deals with guilt and grief in this story, and she gets support from someone she least expects it from. She and Knox start out all about their attraction to one another and the electricity in the air when they are together, but thanks in large part to Knox’s persistence and his remarkable ability to keep his cool under pressure, they get the chance to really get to know one another on a deeper level.

Knox and Lily’s exciting story is a romantic thriller that has the Guardians in New Orleans to track down new leads after Benefield’s death. It starts out with a lot of mischievous games but then goes deep into Alpha team’s mission. The suspense mounts as the Guardians work to dismantle a human trafficking ring. Forest’s interest in the mission is keen. The story is nicely written. The descriptions really draw the reader into the story. It is plot-driven. The Guardians do good in a world filled with evil. Knox’s character is memorable – he is so many things wrapped into one! His way of taking control is epic, as is his singular focus on lusty thoughts is definitely interesting. It reflects the fact that it has been years since he attempted anything beyond a nameless romp with a woman. Reading about him opening up gives perspective, and he comes alive as he grows into a relationship with Lily. Lily is refreshingly and unapologetically modern. She struggles in the workplace as a woman surrounded by men, feeling she needs to prove herself. Her ability to play Knox is highly entertaining. The story is written in first person. The POV alternates between Knox and Lily; the last chapter in in Wolfe’s POV.

Much thanks to B. Roscoe who provided the excellent source material for this run down of the Guardian Hostage Rescue Specialists series, and so very graciously allowed me to use her words.

Thank you so very much!