Sugested Reading Order for Ellie’s Books.

 Recommended Series Reading Order

Angel Fire

Heart’s Insanity

Ashes to New (prequel)

Heart’s Desire

Hearts Collide

Hearts Divided

Hearts Entwined

Forest’s Fall

Hearts: the Last Beat

Guardians HRS

(Hostage Rescue Specialists)

Alpha Team

Rescuing Melissa

Rescuing Zoe

Rescuing Moira

Rescuing Eve

Rescuing Lily

Rescuing Jinx

Rescuing Maria

Bravo Team

Rescuing Angie

Rescuing Isabelle

Rescuing Carmen

Guardian Protectors

(Personal Protection Specialists)

Sybil’s Protector

Lyra’s Protector

The One I Want series

Saving Ariel

Saving Brie

Saving Cate

Saving Dani

Saving Jen

Saving Abby

Everyday Heroes

Cocky Captain

(Vi & Penelope’s Cocky Hero World)


(K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World)

Sybil’s Protector

(Susan Stokers Operation Alpha World)

Billionaire Boys Club



(previously Nondisclosure)