Okay, so ten interesting facts about myself….I have a few.

30 day writing challenge

Okay, so in NO particular order.

  1. I can legitimately say I used to be a rocket scientist. I traded in solid state fuels and rocket guidance systems for something much different.

2.  I never wanted to be a physician growing up. Never was it on my radar, until after I decided being a rocket scientist wasn't my ball of whacks.

3.  I have 2 1/2 hours of zero-gravity under my belt. YUP, I flew on NASA's KC-135 Vomit Comet…and piled up those 2 1/2 hours in 30 second intervals. Never have I been so sick. Best rollercoaster ride in the world. And, zero gravity is so much fucking FUN!

4.  I am a master scuba diver with over 2000 dives under my belt: air, nitrox, and helium. The deepest I've dove is 185 feet. So, yeah, I did that.

5. I've swam with a whaleshark in the wild, and numerous white-tipped and black-tipped sharks, bull sharks, thresher sharks, and carpet sharks…not to mention all the stingrays and turtles. I've watched cuttlefish laying eggs in coral…I've done so many amazing things under water, and it's been two years since my last dive. I miss it terribly.

6. I've rappelled from buildings, helicopters, and stone walls, gone caving, rock climbing, hang gliding, but I've never bungee jumped or parachuted and probably never will.

7. I save lives in my day-to-day job and I also ease the passing of some lives, tiny babies who are done with their fight, into the arms of angels. I've lost count of the number of deliveries I've attended, the number of newborn lives I've helped take their first breaths.

8.  I went to Bangladesh to teach the local health ministry about Newborn Resuscitation. It was an amazing experience to see how poor other countries are and how they do so well with so little.

9.  I left home when I was 15, or rather home left me in Hawaii. I spent my senior year as a boarding student at my high school…best year ever! Then went straight to college and never came home.

10.  I've lived all over the country, West, East, North, South, and even in the Middle. I grew up in Hawaii, and I've never been to Alaska. And I had the opportunity to live in Okinawa for six amazing years. I will never forget the people there.

Those are just a few interesting facts about me….OH! AND I'm publishing my FIRST BOOK this year! Let's not forget that…


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