Day 9 What are your views on ageism…


30 day writing challenge

According to the expert…WIKI:

Ageism (also spelled “agism“) is stereotyping and discriminating against individuals or groups on the basis of their age. This may be casual or systematic.[1][2] The term was coined in 1969 by Robert Neil Butler to describe discrimination against seniors, and patterned on sexism and racism.[3]Butler defined “ageism” as a combination of three connected elements. Among them were prejudicial attitudes towards older people, old age, and the aging process; discriminatory practices against older people; and institutional practices and policies that perpetuate stereotypes about elderly people.[4]

While the term has also been used to describe prejudice and discrimination against adolescents and children, including ignoring their ideas because they are too young, or assuming that they should behave in certain ways because of their age,[5] the term is predominantly used in relation to the treatment of older people.

What are my thoughts on the matter? Meh, I don't like this day of the challenge. I feel discrimination of any kind is bad. Discrimination of every kind happens. It happens even when we aren't aware of it. Have you ever discounted a teenager's thoughts because they were too young? Have you ever made jokes about a little old lady driving? The answer is probably YES! Sex, Race, and Age are all ways we define and divide our lives, our society, and our worlds. It's not right. It's not wrong. It's something we need to be aware of, so when it becomes abusive we can curb our behavior and maybe the behaviors of other.

That's all I think I want to say about that…Ageism exists…both ranges of the spectrum.

Now for a little excerpt from my work CHANGING ROLES…

CR teaser 1

The throaty rumble vibrated up from the V8 Hemi engine and transmitted to the driver’s seat, jiggling my ass. The throbbing pulsations moved to my body and fired up nerves already frayed with insecurity. I didn’t want to get out of the safety of my car.

Weak-ass piece of shit.

Me, not the car. I didn’t have time to deal with nerves. Tonight was about strength not weakness. Dad raised me to be strong, and strong women didn’t hide in their cars. I flicked off the engine and stared into the dark across the parking lot.

I’d come to Stripes for a purpose. As much as I hated the Westmorelands, they’d lost something precious, and I couldn’t ignore the soul-burning pain in Mrs. Westmoreland’s gaze. It almost humanized her in my eyes. Almost.

If I were being completely honest, I wasn’t here just because of this case. I came for another, more personal reason.

Once, nearly a decade ago, I had almost been that girl. Elizabeth Westmoreland and I shared entirely too much. The only difference had been a sliver of time—moments where I survived and she did not.

A restless need had been growing within me over the last couple years, punctuated by the Westmorelands’ visit to my office. I’d cut that piece out of my life for two years, letting that nothingness fester and grow. That wobble of my moral compass? I had convinced myself I didn’t need to hurt men, not when the price had been so steep. But sitting there, staring at the understated brick-and-mortar facade of Stripes, I wasn’t so sure.

Becoming the Mistress of Pain used to come so easily. That burning need to climb inside my submissive’s mind, break them apart, and make them whole again had never been a struggle before. My pulse accelerated, thinking about soaking in their screams. But those cries should be mine.

The white outfit and platinum wig I wore were nothing more than a shield, hiding my true desires, but I would never again bow to another. I couldn’t.



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