Day three of the 30-day writing challenge brings us to describing your first love and first kiss…well….let me think on this one.

30 day writing challenge

My first kiss

… was not with my first love. And I'm not going with my first, first kiss with a boy. Instead, I'm going with my first ‘romantic' kiss, ah, the passion of youth.

Well, in a word, the whole experience was AWKWARD and slimy and not at all exciting like I thought it should be. It was unromantic. OKAY, those were three words, awkward, slimy, unromantic.

I was in high school, a freshman, and was at paddling practice. Now, I went to school in Hawaii, so when I say paddling practice (all of you need to get your minds out of the gutter!) I was on the Outrigger Canoe paddling team. And to lay it all out on the line up front, so we can move past it…my position on the team was the one at the front of the six man outrigger canoe. My position was the STROKER…..

Okay, now that we're done laughing with me being the stroker on the paddling team…I will move on…..You with me….COME ON!


And yes, that would've been me in that very front seat surfing the waves.  OMG, how fun was that to crest a swell and hang suspended over the ocean, dangling ten feet in the air, only to fall and crash back into the water, having the salty spray spill over you….OH…how I miss those days.

Okay, back to my FIRST KISS.

The junior varsity boys and girls teams were on a break while the varsity teams were out for a time-trial. I'd had my eye on this ONE guy, and he really had an eye on me. Being at paddling practice, and NOT being on the water, was generally boring. But, we were in Hawaii, the sun was shining, we were at the beach (more of a rocky  beach), there was enough to occupy our time: studying, kicking rocks, running, swimming, goofing off…and escaping into the van to snuggle. And for me, have my FIRST KISS.


Of course everyone knew we were becoming an ITEM, and when we snuck off from the group and headed to the van, everyone knew what was happening. Now, we'd only really held hands, not even any petting, but this day was different. I felt it in my bones. He took me inside that van, we twined our fingers together, and he leaned me back against the seat, and mashed his slimy lips over mine!

Yeah, that's about how it went. UGH! I made it through, but sadly our young love never blossomed.



My first true love didn't happen until much later. I was in college when I FOUND THE ONE! The only problem is college girls are stupid when it comes to love. I fell head over heels for the worst possible person, and couldn't see my way free of him for four long and painful years. We were hot and heavy. I was exclusive. He was not. We fought. We broke up. We got back together. The angst of it was the stuff of legends. I returned to him so many times I've forgotten how many horrible decisions I made. I KNEW I would marry this asshole, because my heart could not release its grip on FIRST LOVE.



Yes, they did not ask for this, but I'm giving it to you, because fortune favored me. I left college and was forced apart geographically, if not emotionally from my FIRST LOVE. While apart, I tripped and stumbled into the most amazing man's eyes and kept falling until I landed in his heart. He captured me and I've never left. I'm still there now, happily and blissfully in love. My husband may not be my first true love, but he has forever been my SOULMATE.

So, there you have it…FIRST KISS … FIRST LOVE … AND SOULMATE!


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