Day FIVE of the 30-day writing challenge brings us to describing a place you would live, but have never visited…Oh, snap, this is easy…click and read on…

30 day writing challenge

My entire goal in life is to become a successful beach bum. I began the first steps toward that goal in childhood, growing up in Hawaii. I love the beach, the sea, the sand, the ocean breeze bringing all those tropical aromas to my nose. Oh…I will go to the beach and live there. Since I've been to many beaches, and this challenge says someplace I've never been, it's easy for me.

I would head to the Florida Keys. The hubs and I would buy a boat, something large enough to run a dive operation. We would expense the business to pay for the boat and have a very exclusive client list of our most treasured friends.

We would dive and live aboard our boat, watching the eternal sunsets dip below the horizon, and wake to the glow of a new day when the sun peeked out again over the waves.

This was not a hard choice…and when not diving, swimming, snorkeling, and all of that, I would sit and write my novels, listening to all the people in my mind, breathing life into their worlds and bringing them from my mind to the page.


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