Do you like a detailed physical description of the heroine in a book, or do you not care because you want her to be you?

I'd really like to know.

I know what I think.

I don't want a detailed description, or even a detailed bit of cover art.


Because for those magical few hours…I AM THE HERO!

I am Bilbo Baggins! I am the heroine of my story, and yes, I may even be Luke Skywalker! The point is, I am the protagonist in every story I ever read, whether female or male parts. I live, breathe, and feel every emotion of my characters. AND,  I DON'T WANT YOU TO exclude me by writing, or even posting an image, of something I can never be. Whether that is the voluptuous Cinderella, or the roguish Han Solo…I don't care!

Don't take that moment from me….let me believe. For that slice of existence…let me breathe in a new life…spread my wings…and become something spectacular!

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