Mid-July is rapidly approaching, and that means Nondisclosure will be disappearing with the closure of Amazon’s Kindle Worlds. This is bad news, but I have good news to follow. I’m publishing Nondisclosure all over again, under JEM Publishing. Now, how cool is that? While some of the Kindle Worlds authors left authors’ books lingering in limbo, never to be seen again, Aleatha Romig is a gracious soul and has been hard at work making sure her authors are taken care of. She's giving us our full rights back to our books. WOOHOO!!!

Imagine writing a novel and then getting told you had no choice but to lose it forever? All that hard work POOF! Up in smoke. Some Kindle World authors are able to re-publish as long as they take out all references to the Kindle World, in my case all references to Infidelity. On the surface it sounds easy, just rename and move on. But it's not. Nondisclosure is built upon Aleatha's series. It's fan fiction and written around her characters, settings, businesses (Infidelity) and ties heavily into her world. I wrote it to be intricately related to her Infidelity Series. It is impractical to keep the story intact and remove these things. That would be a nightmare. I faced losing it entirely, but this story has a happy ending.

Aleatha Romig is allowing me to keep everything together. It will disappear from Amazon soon, mid-July, but after a little behind the scenes legal work, it'll be re-uploaded. This is great news, because it allows me to do several things I wasn't able to do before. First off, I can offer paperbacks which were previously not allowed under the terms of Kindle World's contract. Nondisclosure will also be available in foreign countries. With Kindle Worlds, it was only available in the U.S. I think this will allow Nondisclosure to reach a wider audience, and hopefully my readers will take a look at Aleatha's series, one I love and adore, and read it as well. I'm thrilled to have been allowed to write in her world and I'm ecstatic that I won't be losing the ability to keep Nondisclosure out there.

Sometimes bad news is really VERY GOOD news in disguise.

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