sexy couple 71

~~by Ellie Masters©~~

A question hangs in the depth of silence between us, a potent interrogation posed as both request and demand. I anticipate the answer locked behind your lips, eager to know your choice.


Might I have simply taken what is rightfully mine, and stolen a treasure I have savored many times before? That answer is most definitely yes.


Your silence, however, stirs something primitive within me. Your struggle to maintain the illusion of control incites the beast within me to take, to claim, to own. To steal from you what I need.


The key remains tantalizingly out of my reach–for the moment at least, I have ceded my power to you. This transference is merely one tool I will use to expose the secrets layered beneath your so carefully crafted and poised exterior.


I am no fool, but then neither are you.


This moment, carefully devised, is a calculated necessity. Some may even call it cruel.


To place you as the architect of your demise is the culmination of my intent and I fully intend to reap the reward of my patience with an anticipatory hunger. Even now, tension coils in your muscles, a protective instinct to flee. Your fragile frame is not equipped to resist the power residing within mine. We both know this, even if we don’t speak of it.


You’ve already hesitated, nearly spoken your word, but I will wait, craving the feast you’re soon to lay at my feet, soaking up the indecision punctuated by your faltering response.


I stand ready to take possession and remind you of what may come. With a gentle glide of my fingertips across the angle of your jaw, the silence builds with each shudder of your body to a fevered peak. I layer on the sensation, tracing a line down your neck, gripping and applying a firm pressure, closing off your air for a fraction of the beat of your tumultuous heart. I feel your pulse fluttering beneath my fingers, hijacked by excitement layered with fear.


The world has narrowed down to a sliver of a moment. You and I. We’re standing on the edge of a cliff of possibilities. I would leap, taking you with me, and plummet off that edge. There I would indulge in my desire, but I stand fast, pondering your answer.


You must take that step. Once we fall, the danger is all too real, and there is no turning back.


I begin to wonder now, trapped in your quiet reserve and blinded by an insatiable lust, if your answer may not be what I expect. Electricity pulses between us, trapped beneath the tracing of my fingertips across your velvety skin. How much longer can I wait? How much longer will you make me?


A dominant rumble issues from my throat, my anticipation has built to a peak and demands your answer, or I will take what is not mine to have.


A single motion, the slightest of exhales, releases tension in your spine, in your neck, and in the set of your jaw. You have captured my full attention and I am entralled. Your gaze flicks up, latching on to mine with everything I need.


In your submission, that single word tumbles from your lips. You grasp my hand and lead us over the edge.

~~Ellie Masters©~~



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