Here' an unedited except from my current work-in-progress THE PRINCESS MURDERS, a ROMANTIC THRILLER, releasing late FALL this year.

Low key portrait of intense looking guy with green eyes

PRINCESS MURDERS is a romantic thriller where love meets a Silence of the Lambs-like horror….

Melissa’s ex-husband crossed his arms and gave one of his brilliant smiles, cold and calculating like the sharp mind inside and the brutal beast trapped within. He called his look the key to power, a charismatic pose he’d once said. Only she knew better. With a glance, he weighed and measured the value of a life. For whatever odd reason, her life held value. He could have murdered her any number of times. Instead, she remained the recipient of his brutality and cold love.

One time she might have agreed that look made him appear charming. It’s one of the reasons she’d been drawn to him. He was, in nearly every way, her Prince Charming. Her family came from the upper-middle class and she had a comfortable, if not privileged life. Then she met Scott Patterson, wealth beyond her imagination, a powerful family, and for whatever reason, he chose her from the multitude of fawning females eager to secure their stature in life. Money had never mattered to her, at least until she lost it all, but he noticed all her attention was for him. And in noticing, took her for his bride.

Now, his flashy smile with brilliant white teeth, made her cringe. All she could see was the hardness of his eyes and the dangerous mind of the serial killer inside.

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