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Major Tia Myers takes a seat on the folded metal chair. She holds herself with a regal presence and has me feeling a little uncomfortable. Odd, since as an reporter it’s usually me putting those I interview in the hot seat.

“Usually, I tell people to get comfortable, but…” I gesture to the bare office devoid of creature comforts. Like Major Myers, I’m also sitting on a bare metal chair. The only other piece of furniture is a beat up desk. Thankfully, we have air conditioning.

Not all are so lucky.

She gives a low, sultry laugh. “This is the Ritz compared to what I’m used to.”

We share a moment. Laughter is the best icebreaker when sitting down to interview a stranger.

This woman is knock dead gorgeous and I’m having trouble placing her ethnicity. Dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin, she reminds me of a Greek Goddess. I decide Mediterranean blood runs in her veins. I won't ask outright. I'll find out when I dig into her background.

I’m a little excited to be honest. The flight into Bagram Airbase was long and grueling. I lost count of the number of countries I hit before getting here and my first class accommodations kept downgrading. I went from the lap of luxury crossing an ocean to practically sitting in the lap of a soldier on the final troop transport in. I wasn’t really in his lap, but those seats are pretty cramped and set tight together. The U.S. Military certainly doesn’t waste money on comfort or convenience. I’m lucky to be here at all, with the delays, and I’m told Major Myers could get called out at any minute.

“I appreciate you taking the time to answer some of my questions.”

She arches a brow, and I’m reminded she really didn’t have a choice. What is it they call it in the military? Oh, that’s right. I’m sure her commander volun-told Major Myers she would do this interview. At least she’s still smiling.

“It's my pleasure. You work with who exactly?” Her question hangs between us.

I've been assigned to complete a human interest story about women in the military, specifically women who operate in special ops units. Secretly, I'm taking notes. I want to write a novel about a woman like this, but I do have a job to do first.

“I work for the local station. We're hoping this piece is elevated to a national spotlight.”

“That sounds exciting. I'm sure it would be a great boost to your career.”

It definitely would. I've never done a national piece before. There's lots of interest surrounding women in the military, those serving in special ops roles bring a certain incendiary reaction. I'm hoping to capitalize on that.

She straightens out the front of her BDU overblouse–battle dress uniform–I make a note of the military acronym. Despite her initial smile, she appears uncomfortable and definitely is only humoring me.

I launch into a well practiced speech. “Well, I think there's a national dialogue about women serving in combat. I'd like to open up a conversation, explore the pros and cons. I'm certain you must have faced some opposition to securing your position on the team?”

“Special Ops is difficult for everybody, being male or female doesn't really matter. There are many men who don't have the physical or mental makeup to survive in this role. Many women as well.”

Her answer sounds scripted, reminding me how often she's had to defend her selection to the Special Ops Surgical Team. I stare at the woman before me, in awe of her beauty, and take a moment to see her without the lens of her femininity framing my assumptions. Major Myers is a tall woman, a few inches short of six feet. She's well proportioned, not overly built with muscle, but solid. There's a presence about her, a power, and beauty, and grace. She confuses me. I don't think that's the best way to describe her but it's the best I come up with. She's tall, lithe, but there's a deadly air about her, a seriousness she wears like an old friend reminding me this woman has seen the horrors of war. Facing danger is a part of her job. I can't relate to that and feel inadequate in her presence.

“Well, let's start with some basic questions before we dig too deep in to other things.”

“Other things?” She's arching that brow again. “You mean like how do I stack up against the men? Do I pull my own weight? Do they have to do more because there's a woman on the team?”

I cringe because I'd hoped to save those questions for later, after I'd warmed her up to the interview. Fortunately, a knock on the door interrupts us, allowing me to regroup. Whoever it is doesn't wait for an answer and barges in.

My jaw drops as I look upon a chiseled masterpiece of male splendor. I'm not over-exaggerating. He's stunning with blazing green eyes and a grin designed to wet panties. He's an alpha's alpha, tall and stacked with muscles bunching on top of other muscles. I'm not drooling, although I can't help but take a quick swipe at my mouth.

He acknowledges me with a quick jerk of his chin, then turns his heart-stopping green gaze on Major Myers. Something flickers in the air between them, a smoldering heat I don't think I'm imagining. Only Major Myers barely moves. Her lips thin and a scowl creeps across her face.

“What's up Lyons?” Her tone is abrupt and she gestures to me. “I'm a little busy right now.”

“Collins wants to debrief our last mission,” Lyons says with a twinkle in his eyes and heat smoldering in his gaze.

He has eyes only for her, and has completely forgotten about me. Which is fine. It gives me a chance to take him in and jot down a few notes for my novel.

“He told me to track you down and tell you to meet at the Med Center.” There's a smile on his face and a light in his eyes as he looks upon the Major.

She shifts in her seat, the only acknowledgement of Lyons's presence.”He set this interview up with Colonel Vane. Tell him I'll get there ASAP.” Turning back to me, she dismisses Lyons.

He doesn't seem fazed and flashes a mischievous smile. “I'll tell him, T.” Turning to me, he tips his head. “Sorry to interrupt your interview, Ma'am.”

I can't help but smile back, beaming at the brief seconds he acknowledged my existence. When he leaves, I look to Major Myers and can't keep the unadulterated lust from my voice. “Who was that?”

She shakes her head. “That's Tech Sergeant Lyons. He's the RT on my team, and word to the wise?”


“Stay far away.”

“Is he married?” I can't help it, I'm interested in Lyons.


I shake my head. “How do you manage to work alongside that?” I jab at the door with my pad of paper.

“With Lyons?” She laughs. “It takes a whole lot of patience. Now, if you're going to get your interview, we'd better hurry. Collins doesn't like being kept waiting.”

I'm no longer interested in my interview. My mind is spinning with these two. What is their story? Because I'm certain there is something simmering beneath the surface.

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