Well, this would have to be Heart's Insanity of course!

What is Angel Fire?

**The Angel Fire series is a series of interconnected standalone rockstar romances.**

Heart's Insanity is the first standalone novel in the Angel Fire rock romance series. Grab your COPY Click here NOW!

What Readers are Saying


★★★★★ Wow!! AMAZING!!! ASH IS MINE!

★★★★★ This book is gonna ROCK your world!

Left me breathless! ~ Such a beautifully turbulent story.

“So many emotions, so many feels, I can hardly contain myself. Ellie did a great job of putting me right there in the thick of it. I felt like I was part of this crazy crew.” ~ Rough Draft Book Blog

Book Description:

Dr. Skye Summers beat the odds, despite her past and the lingering scars, she’s thriving, curing the sick and healing the wounded. Professionally her life’s a success. Personally? She’s tired of putting up with arrogant men who think nothing of ripping out her heart.

No more dating.

No more relationships.

No more men.

She’s too broken for love.

Ash is a rock star who has it all: fame, fortune, and the adoration of screaming fans, but the constant parties and endless string of one-night stands are taking their toll. He’s tired of cheap women who only want one thing.

No more flings.

No more empty sex.

No more women.

He wants something else … something real.

When sparks ignite between him and the sassy Dr. Summers, Ash is intrigued. When she has no idea who he is, he’s fascinated. When she runs after a little innocent flirting, he’s determined to pursue.

Ash is confident enough to go after what he wants, and something tells him this woman might just be worth the chase.

What reviewers are saying…

“…blew my expectations away … I thought it was going to go one way but it went in the opposite direction, took a few turns, got on the highway and just took off. If you think this is going to be like every other rock star romance book out there, you'd be wrong.” ~  Amazon reviewer

“This book will suck you in from the beginning, and take you on an amazing adventure. I laughed, I cried, and I fell in love with Ash and Skye.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“What a crazy whirlwind of a story line. Tons of fun, loads of sexy…This is most assuredly an author to watch…5 Stars” ~ Rachel Bound by Book