This is the second installment of the Strand Brothers Series where we get the story of the youngest brother Even (pronounced E-V-A-N). Lacey is looking for her twin sister, Keely, and has found herself in one of E's clubs as a dancer where the trail of her sister has run dry. It is here where sparks fly between Lacey and E, the only problem is E doesn't date the help. Big problem. But, when he finds out what brings the sexy dancer into his club, E is driven to help. When he discovers the sexy dancer is an untouched virgin, things become all the more interesting for him. What neither of them realize is Lacey's past is connected to E's past. A link between a nemesis stalking the Strand brother's threatens not only Nik's wife Aimee (Nik and Aimee's story is described in Book 1) but is a threat to Lacey's sister Keely.

The attraction between Even and Lacey is nuclear hot, but is developed in a way that is believable…meaning it's not insta-love. These characters are believable and the story is something I was able to sink into and enjoy. Something I was able to truly experience with a heart-stopping, pulse-pounding …. have-to-turn-that-page-right-now kind of way…. Even is respectful of Lacey's inexperience, but does not treat her with kid gloves, giving her everything she desires and more.

I did feel some of the denouemont felt a bit rushed to me, some of the ‘reveal' was a bit too serendipitous and convenient towards the end, which is the only reason I have given this four stars instead of five. The plotting in the last 4/5th of the novel felt rushed to me and a bit too convenient where I felt a bit more attention would have pushed this into a five star range.

I'm completely entranced with the Strand Brothers. The villain is a true villain and completely fleshed out. Few authors spend as much time building a fully realized villain you can feel, hate, understand, and climb inside their head. Here is where the story really shines. This is a villain you can love to hate. And he survives for BOOK THREE…so that is where I will be…reading BOOK three…I am hooked and need to finish this series to find out what will happen next.

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