This is a wonderful read, with the ambiance of the old South spilling from every page. A woman with a checkered past, and a flashy superstar with a mega-watt smile all combine into a true FIVE STAR Romance! The total package is what makes this read simply fantastic.

A richly detailed backdrop, the tiny town of Coke-a-cola millionaires is as much of a character as the fiery female lead. And sparks certainly do fly when she meets the brash Hollywood celebrity who thinks he can waltz into her town and take over. Instant hatred. Instant heat. Fireworks spark off the page in this beautifully written love story.

And the supporting cast of characters are fully formed accessories that are impossible not to love. Even Cocky, the rooster, takes centerstage a time or two.

I felt transported to the slower pace of Southern charm, sweet tea, dirt roads, and a community full of love, gossip, and memories, feuds, and grudges that last lifetimes. I felt the whirlwind that was Hollywood descend on this peaceful town. I stood with Summer watching it all happen and never once bend to that mega-watt smile. She remained true to herself from beginning to end, never starstruck, but willing to take a Hollywood star down a notch or two when required. AND…I watched as two people fell in love.


A FIVE STAR ROMANCE that is a definite must read.

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