Wonderfully delicious and quite unexpected treasure found here!


I came into this book with a certain framework built upon expectations derived from reading many authors: dark, light, contemporary, historical, suspense, thriller and those I may have forgotten. There are ‘rules’ built upon these experiences, which are generally followed by those writing in this genre. And I would say JD LEXX breaks all these rules, but that really would be an injustice to what the masterpiece MALEDICTION truly is, because he doesn’t break the rules…he has obliterated them and rewritten them with class, poise, dignity, and an exuberance for creating an impeccable tale.


This story isn’t merely genre busting, it’s not merely a well-written book of erotica. WHAT it is … MALEDICTION is a seduction of the soul, a true wonder of how words held within the right hands can be crafted into something which becomes so much more than a mere telling of events. My preconceptions were something I had to place to the side, to the very far side, after delving into the first page of this wonderful creation.


JD LEXX has a command of the English language surpassing not only the average erotica writer but all of them combined. His sensual use of prose wraps around you in a sinuous dance, engaging the largest erotic organ of the body–he took my MIND on a journey, and this was an epic adventure! Because even in the telling of his creation, he broke all the rules…and it worked brilliantly!


And what I loved most about this book–JD LEXX respected my mind, my ability to keep up with his far-reaching prose. I was entranced and then followed him down a path, uncovering and discovering, and finding myself more and more awestruck by my voyage into this world.


MALEDICTION is unquestionably UNIQUE. It’s erotica without being ‘in your face.’ It’s sensual, sexy, intelligent, and takes you to the edge of naughty and nice, stimulating all your senses while making you squirm, blush, and wonder how that just happened. It’s a sheer pleasure to read his words, and he brings you in so deeply, you’re not a distant observer who watches the story unfold. He breaks the fourth wall, immersing you within the story, making you a co-conspirator in the unfolding events, urging you to turn that page one more time, until you have no more pages to turn, except back to the beginning to start all over again. This is a sensual erotic read which deserves multiple passes to truly absorb the brilliance within.


It’s refreshing to find a writer with such command of the words. I am a proud JD LEXX convert! You NEED TO READ THIS!


US: http://amzn.to/1Wzratj
CA: http://amzn.to/1nZa9N2
AU: http://bit.ly/1RuDUNo
UK: http://amzn.to/1pCix74

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