A rock star romance with so many feels….
Oh how I love a rock star – and Ash Dean fit the bill nicely! Ash was everything I love about a music man. He was a bad boy with a lot of his hard living behind him, with his guitar never far away. I just wanted to hear the music he felt. Hear him. When Skye Summers takes him and his bandmates to task I knew this was not going to be one his fans capturing his attention!

Skye was… Wow, what can I say about this strong, incredible character? She survived a horrific childhood to become a doctor, a healer for others. When life kicks her in the butt once again, and Ash presents her with an even bigger challenge, she is ready to deal. This time, however, Ash wants to be by her side…

“A minister’s son who swore like a sailor and had an inked dragon on his neck, Ash was a clash of contradictions driving her mad.”

And what a trip it turns out to be! To call this a whirlwind romance would be an understatement! From an etiquette lesson to an impromptu weekend away, their relationship was going from zero to ten to 100 in the blink of an eye. And it all felt so natural. It didn’t feel like insta-love or things were moving too fast. I guess when you know, you know and I felt that between them.

So much is packed into the hours and all of it full of revelations, emotion and healing. They are both recovering from the toll their paths have taken and despite their support systems they each find a soulmate in the other. Hard fought, soul-searching and absolutely guaranteed to hit you in the heart…

“Ash was sex and power, all wrapped up in one glorious package, but with that guitar wrapped in his hands, he became a force of beauty.”

With a**hole exes, smarmy managers and over-protective bros, this was a ride with no quiet moments. Skye and Ash are my new “it” couple! And I may have fell just a bit in love with Forest. Sigh… I hope there will be more of Angel Fire and maybe a story for Forest as well?? Please????

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