Soulless is the latest installment in TM FRAZIER's MC romance series. I was so very excited to step back into the lives of these characters and watch them come alive on the page. I expected brilliance and was rewarded with so much more! It's hard not to fall in love with these fiercely protective men and the women who love them. Passion pops off the page and sinks deep inside of you where it ignites into a fierce burn. I love the strength of the females in this world. They need their men, but their men need them even more. I enjoy seeing strong female leads, women who can go toe to toe with their men, but who can also be soft, willing, and completely swept away. AND that is how I felt while reading. Swept away into an adventure, a romance, a thriller, a compete 5-star ride…from beginning to end…this book AMAZED me. Brilliant job! And that ending………


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