I've read Sam JD HUNT before, and I've never been disappointed. I bought this book and spent last night escaping into the sensual world of these three amazing people. This is not your usual love story. It's three…no four (!) stories in one. It's about the love between Penelope Sedgwick and Nathaniel Slater, a man from her past who takes her captive. It's about a love developing between Penelope and Rex (King Rex) Renton, a man she fears but can't ignore.

Those are two amazing stories in their own right, but there are still two more incredible stories to be told. The story between Rex and Nate is not one I expected; two men, bonded by battling their demons, explore and develop the deeper bond growing between them. AND the final, the fourth LOVE story is the one between three people, between the triad that is Penelope, Nate, and Rex. They join their very souls to one another, breaking through and past adversity and perceptions to become what they were destined to be.

I expected a menage story…what I got was something so far beyond that. This is an wonderful story. A WOW, feel good read and one you will want to experience for yourself.

Go out and buy Sam JD HUNT's Taken by Two…Read Taken by Two and find yourself taken on a wonderful adventure.

Definite must read!


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