There are few books I can read in one sitting. There’s a magic that must occur, a spinning of words into emotions capable of transporting us into a different place. For that sliver of time, we linger in another world and experience amazing events. This is how I felt reading this story.


I’m not going to recap the story here, you can read that in the description, but I will mention how I fell in love with the characters ALEX LUCIAN brought to the page.


The reason this is such a wonderful read is because the writing has that cadence, that rhythm that reaches into your very core, becoming one with the beat of your heart. You breathe in the story, inhale it as it joins with that tiny piece of you which desires escape. It’s rare for an author to have that skill to wrap words around you and pulling you into another place. ALEX LUCIAN has this skill…and MORE.


I read the blurb. I drooled over that cover. I thought, new author?  I’d love to take a chance. MIND BLOWN! I’m still struggling to catch my breath and process what just happened. I’m shocked at how good…how brilliant…the writing is. I’m so thankful I one-clicked this masterpiece and I’m already eagerly waiting for more.


THIS is a debut novel? Bravo!


I’m still left sitting here with this story lingering in my mind. I read it through the night, yet I’m not strung out from lack of sleep. I’m refreshed, but obsessed at the same time. I want to go back to the beginning and immerse myself in the story…but that will need to wait. I want the next book!

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