Tyrant cover

Excellent! Wonderful escape! Now, when I tell you I read this book while working a thirty-six hour shift, squeezing chapters in during a difficult on-call night at the hospital, you will understand what it means about not being able to put a book down.

Now, I am in the MINORITY here, in that I HAVE NOT YET READ KING! Yes, you heard that…I am a new reader to this series. I went into this with no prior knowledge of these wonderful characters, and I did this with some trepidation. Would I be able to jump in? Would T.M. Frazier let me sink, leaving me lost and adrift with these characters? OR would she send me a lifeline?

Well, I have to say…I was swimming in the lap of luxury in one well-crafted tale! This NEW READER had no problems keeping up with TYRANT. While TYRANT picks up moments where KING leaves off, the story stands on its own two feet. It drew me in and kept me turning pages, even as my crazy call night burned the midnight oil.

The biggest thing I can tell you about TYRANT, because I’m not going to recap the book, is you can expect a crazy ride. The plotting is magnificent. The characters are captivating. The twists are mesmerizing. I loved every moment as the chapters flew by…and boy did they. I couldn’t devour the pages fast enough.

And when I came to that final page, I wanted to go back to the very first page so I could experience that wild ride once again…but I won’t. I can’t…I have to go BACK. I have to READ the FIRST BOOK NOW. I need to experience the book that began this entire series. I’m headed off to read KING!

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