Mercy cover

So, I've been following this ‘guy' on FB, an author-dude, reading snippets here and there for a while–teasers meant to stimulate and excite and launch a book–and I played this game of pick a song. A song, the main character, SADE, might like….it was a contest and the winner would get a copy of MERCY. I tossed one of my go-to songs in the ring, something I play when I like to write, or de-stress from a difficult day…AWOLNATION'S SAIL… the 10-hour extended version mind you…


…Well, much to my delight, Sade, with the help of his word-smithing muse (Lucian Bane), decided he too liked this song! Well, what do you know! So now, after a little back and forth, and some confusion with an email address, I received my gifted copy of the book. I'm like the girl who's a bit late to the party, but hey, I don't care!

I'm going to sit down and read this book and listen to the channelling of Sade's incredible story told one letter at a time via Lucian Bane as he forms the alphabet into words and images and eventually an awe-inspiring story…and I'll probably listen a little bit to SAIL while I do it…ten hours should do it right?


It's just been released on Amazon http://amzn.to/1Nkz59Q so go check it out!