I always thought authors were amazing people. I still do. To write such perfect work has always impressed me. Seeing as I'm in the process of completing my first novel for publication, being in the process as it were, what I've come to realize is this…
There are so many ‘people' scattered in my story. People who have taken the time with me, to make me a better writer. For example, my critique group is an AMAZING bunch of people, talented beyond measure. They took my baby, chopped and dissected, with blunt and constructive criticism and helped me to reform my novel into something I'm quite proud to let loose into the world. My Beta readers took things a step further, finding those tiny holes and plugging them up before sending my baby to my editor. And my editor, who's going to help me give that final spit-shine polish before release…these people are priceless to me.
I don't think my novel will ever be truly READY. I could edit and revise for years, but the time is drawing near to let it go…and put it out there for others to enjoy.
I think the whole process has been a little kind of wonderful. When I read my baby, I remember all the tiny breadcrumbs left behind by these wonderful people AND I feel blessed and beyond humble.
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