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Do you like tough heroines? Intelligently written BDSM? Complicated alphas? Plots that spin your brain? If so, don’t pass up this book…..

The REVIEWS are coming in and they are 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!!!


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Jenn: I was drawn into this book within the first few pages. I couldn't put it down. You have alphas, murder, love & kidnapping all, and the oh so hot alpha dom Jake! Amazing book you will enjoy with every page. You won't be disappointed! Phenomenol!

Kris: I just read ths and for a debut novel this is one of the best I have ever read! The writing is smooth and seemess, the story is fascinating and the twists and turns, OMG! You don't know whats gonna happen til it hits ya in the face! This is one you're gonna want to read!

Amazon Customer: This book hooked and drew me in from the very beginning. I found myself rooting for Kate long before I realized the abundance of layers that hid beyond her tough facade. The way that our heroine grows and morphs throughout the entire story is truly an amazing thing to witness. The relationship that unfolds between her and Jake is a mesmerizing look into the world of BDSM in a mature and authentic way. The complexity of the rest of the characters is spot on; each one with its place to add a vital piece to the puzzle. This story was an enjoyable ride from start to finish.

Leah: I read it twice in the last 2 days! OMG! I loved it! I can honestly say it is my favorite book of all time! To give you an idea how much I read the 1st year I had my kindle I bought 3000 books. I read 90% of them. I truly felt like I was living in the book while reading it and still have a huge book hangover! My mind has been racing with thoughts!

Angela: This book is a roller coaster ride for the soul. This book has it all, you get erotica with some BDSM, alpha female, alpha Dom, murder, Love, kidnapping, and so much more. Ellie truly takes you on a journey that leaves your mind, and heart reeling with chaos. I fell hard for Kate she was Hot, a Dom & an ex cop..Then you have the sexy alpha male Dom Jake.. you will not be disappointed with this amazing book..You'll be left parched because you will devour it in one sitting.

Nathalie: OMG! The power of the words written in this book will have you reading until you can't put it down! You will feel the connection of the characters and the turmoil they go through! Kate Summers is a force to be reckoned with! The need for control in her life will have you keep reading once the infamous Jake Davenport walks into her life. The struggle to give up some of her control is a battle! You won't believe the way this book ends and will leave you with a bit of a hangover but the good kind. Kinda like wanting and needing more but also kinda feeling relieved that it ended the way it did! Ellie Masters! This is one hell of a debut novel and can't wait for any other book you write! You can bet your *ss that I will purchase all your future novels without a second thought!

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