Heart's Divided is the fourth book in the Angel Fire Series.

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Alpha Men. Steamy Scenes. Heart Pounding Romance, ~ANGEL FIRE has it all!~

(each book in this series can be read as a standalone and is about a different couple with a HEA.)

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Here's one of my favorite quotes from Bash's book, Heart's Divided.

“Frayed nerves practically crawl out of his skin. They seek the frenzied beat he can’t lay down fast enough. Feverish music pours out of him, a manic flood of sensation, turbulent and wild, demanding an outlet. Heart pulsing in time with the beat, music pumps through his veins. He’s close… close to piecing together the bones of this song raging inside of him.”

Yeah, that kind of sums up my best bud pretty well when he gets a song stuck in his head….and then there's this….

Here's what some folks are saying….
5 * Bash me In * stars
In true Ellie fashion, the characters of Angel Fire sink deeper into my heart. Bash is hit squarely in the chest by fate with a fierce and feisty female on fire behind a drum kit. His cocksure ego gets the best of him as she blows past him and he's beside himself to chase after her. Chase, a girl? Been a long time since that happened and she made him chase, boy did he have to work for it… But God love the man who does something straight up stupid and knocks her off her game with brutal honesty. Humble is the man in truth even if his mouth sometimes gets led by his junk.

I loved how he pushed, but knew when to pull back, but still maintained his sights on the ultimate goal. I felt the crackle of electricity between them and he rose to her fire, yet soothed her fears without judgement. As dynamic as these characters were, there was so much balance to themselves and to each other. Ego yet humble and fierce yet fearful. The sexual tension was off the charts and gosh I wanted more. That shower was not enough, gah, I wanted a full blown scene! The build up…

Loved many things about this raw and realistic journey they took together even if some timelines were off… I loved that all the boys were back and the homage to their brotherhood, especially when Bash needed to get bashed by Ash. Kinda saw that coming though but didn't know how it would go down. And down it did. …I'm intrigued by the side bar snippets of Spike and interested to find out what's going on there … something big is gonna happen, but I hope it's not what I think it is…. And the secret mission! Ooohhh… That's gonna be good!

But this story … this story took the boys of Angel Fire further down the road of finding their forevers but remaining true to their unique band of brotherhood. The true stars of this book though, were Ranger and Duke. They stole the show!

Hearts Divided COVER ebook

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