Dim lighting cascaded across her face, fading out the thin lines. The candle's flickering light highlighted her beauty, erasing the years from his admiring eyes. So many memories they shared. So much love.

He lifted his glass and stretched out his hand to lightly sweep her wrist.

She still lowered her eyes to him, a tiny flicker, dipping to watch his fingers trace the bracelet he'd placed so long ago. The ring no longer fit over her swollen knuckle, but its absence didn't mean their souls weren't wound tightly to one another. Her lashes cast a fleeting shadow over her cheeks, sweeping with a slow exaggerated blink before she finally raised her gaze to meet his stare.

He turned her wrist and gathered her fingers in his grip. “To you my love. To another fifty years.”

A slow smile curved her lips. “Always, my love.”

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