It's too easy to let the drama of the INDIE publishing world consume you (me) as a writer. TOO EASY.

With all the comments about stuffers, trademarks, and plagerism, these are my thoughts.

I've pulled back from social media. You've probably noticed. I'm writing what I want to write and ignoring everything going on around me. Writing is an escape for me. I used to read to escape. Now, I write the stories I want to read. I write about strong women who find the love of their lifetimes.

I'm having the best time ever writing my new series with Jet (he's the hubs in case you didn't know). Just having him involved in my passion is GOLD to me. Whether any of them will ever published is irrelevant. I love writing them.

Don't worry!!! They will be published…they're freakin' great books.


But, like the rest of my writing, they're a departure from what I've done before. They're not heavy BDSM, although that is fun to write. They're not rockstars. What are they? They're sweet, somewhat steamy, love at first sight, romances with a bit of suspense.

I believe in love at first sight. Jet and I met and married in less than four months and after our very first date, we knew we'd be together forever. And we're still having the best time of our lives together.


Every book I write is about a strong woman. In this series (which I'm pointedly not telling you the name of yet…we'll get there. Trust me!) …we have hurricanes to survive, mountain rescues to achieve, sunken treasure to discover and even modern day pirates to deal with. The women do the saving and rescuing and all the rest. These are strong, resilient women, role models for all the little girls out there who can be whatever they want to be. Each of these women will accomplish much with their fabulous men by their side. But, if the men weren't there, these women would still kick major ass. I believe in the strength of women.


Back to Drama Llamas (I bet you thought I forgot!)

I get burned out with social media. Everything I do is after the 80hr work week which pays the bills. I'm a solo act. I write, advertise, do graphic design. I do it all. ALONE. It's neverending, and sometimes I need to step back and reevaluate WHAT I'm doing and WHY.

I'm writing the stories I love to read, because if I don't write them no-one will. That's what I'm focusing on.