Congratulations and WELCOME to the World of Ellie Masters, her words, and the Inspiration Behind all her Books, the Boyfriends, and the Women they Adore.

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There are many benefits to being here. This is a list of just a few. We'll be mixing it up, week to week, but there will always be something fun and a peek behind Ellie's writing curtain. Keep your eye out for exclusive deals and discounts. I'm shaking things up and trying new things. The best part? You get to benefit from my crazy mind and experiments!

  • Freebies: Whether a fun puzzle or game, there'll always be something fun. And from time to time, you'll catch that occasional freebie, too!
  • Exclusive sneak peaks of what’s coming
  • Exclusive Short Stories and Flash Fiction
  • Members-only giveaways
  • Author Interview Q&A
  • Peeks Behind the Writing Curtain!
  • And MORE!

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Book of the Week

Each week we'll be highlighting the BOOK of the WEEK. I'll share exclusive sneak peeks and insights into the creation of my words. Next week, we'll be kicking everything off with my debut novel, Changing Roles, and I'm very excited to be sharing an exclusive deal with you!

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Behind the Scenes

I'll share some of the action behind the scenes. The stuff that doesn't make it in the book, inspires the book, or simply is something I think is fun about me and my writing.


I research each of my books heavily. I love sinking into a book and getting completely absorbed in the story. My worlds come alive in touch, taste, sight, and smell. Creating a visual tapestry is my goal. I want you to remember these characters, become them for a time, and journey along their paths with them. From time to time, I'll invite my characters in here for interviews, and we'll catch up on what they've been doing beyond the pages of the book.

Author Q&A

I'll be answering questions for you. If you have something you've been dying to ask me…drop it HERE and I'll try to get around to it!

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Drink of the WEEK!

I'll be sharing some of my favorite drinks as we go along. Crazy writing quirks? I love a glass of wine or good whiskey while writing those steamier scenes! Liquor allows the words to flow hot and HEAVY!!!

What I'm listening to:

I'm a hard rock gal…I'll be sharing some of my favorites with you as we go along. I'm a lot like my characters in that I don't know bands and names of songs. I haven't invested those few neurons into remembering names and such, but I know what I love, and there are some really great songs out there that strike a chord with me.

We'll start out with Prince. He's not one of my favorites, but the man was crazy talented!

Click HERE for some Purple Rain!



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