Continuing on with an erotic short…the prompt was given to me by my street team members…the ELLZ BELLZ, and the prompt was ‘The Cage.' The only rules for these flash challenges is: less than a thousand words, use the prompt, and no editing…

The other added fun, is we're picking on members of the Street Team. Challis joins us for my contribution….

I was terrified the first time I showed the pictures. How was I to explain the depths of my need to the man who cherished me beyond all others?

These were my most desperate desires, a craving I couldn’t silence. I wanted dominance, but there was more to this than his simple control.

Yes! It makes no sense, except to me. In public, I scream for equality. I demand it, but within my heart something much more primal speaks to me.

I wanted…no, I demanded…in fact, I hoped beyond hope, for my deepest desires to be fulfilled. And my needs were dark, twisted things. Wishes buried so deep they made me feel dirty and ashamed.

And yet…and yet! I knew this is what it would take for me to fly! To be truly free! I ached for this, and trembled with my need.

My strength had to be tempered, broken and shattered. I needed HIM to fill the hollowness brewing within my heart and burrowing deep within my soul. I needed his guidance, his determination, and his implacable strength to encase and bind me.

My needs demanded fulfillment. But to do so, he had to be stronger than my will, braver than my dreams, and he needed not to judge, but rather embrace this…thing. And while I craved this, it didn’t mean I had no desire to be elevated in his eyes; to be placed upon a pedestal even while debased in the most vile of ways.

We discussed. I mentioned my desires, not with words, but through the pictures I shoved beneath his nose.

He understood.

I believe a glitter of excitement shone in his eyes when I dared to brave the harsh cut of his gaze.

I needed to dissemble. I needed to crumble. I desired nothing more, or less, than to allow him complete conquest.

But, he had to take the first step. Or, the second. Really, when it came down to it, who led and who followed didn’t matter. We would travel this road together.

I showed him my desire to not only serve, but to be completely his. Nothing more. His imagination would either take me to a place of eternal bliss or a world of bitter disappointment.

Oh, I prayed.

I got down on my knees and prayed!

And then, one day…

It arrived.

Without fanfare.

Without comment.

I was led downstairs, down dark and treacherous stairs…

He held my hand and I gripped his.

Excited? Yes!

Terrified? Yes!

Doubtful? Absolutely!

I found it difficult to believe him.

But there was no hesitation in his grip. He led me down, and then forward. Next, he had me on my knees.

Leather wrapped around my neck. Metal locked me in. His finger was the only order I received.
“Challis, you have one choice.”

He pointed to the cage, dispassionate fingers decrying my fate.

“Enter and give up all your rights, or stand tall and walk back up those stairs. I will honor whatever decision you make, but this is the first, and last time you get to decide. Walk by my side, or  chose the cage.”

And I looked at him, my eyes glazed with lust, not really understanding, but feeling the weight of his words, knowing everything was about to change.

“Whatever you choose, my sweet, sweet Challis, this is a one-way choice. There is no going back…”

And I bent not just my knees, feeling the weight of the leather encircling my neck, but I lowered my forehead to rest upon the top of his shoes, my entire being trembling with the weight of my choice.

There was only one answer, and from the bulge tenting his pants, his desire couldn’t be more clear. My answer lie at the tip of my tongue.

And I realized he was excited by what was to come, maybe even more than I. Everything was changing between us, and there would be no returning to the simple lives of husband and wife.

He was becoming MINE.

My only question was how long would he keep his slave in the cage?

With a smile, I realized the blissful truth. It didn’t matter. I would be there until he decided to release me or use me, and he would put me back when he was done.

I quivered with excitement, realizing my dreams were a breath away from a reality I would no longer controll.

He gave a gentle shove, a nudge toward my future. Tension roughened his voice, turning it dark and deep, husky with need and something much more primal. “Give me your answer.”

I saw in his eyes the desire to not only love me, but to claim, own, destroy, and cherish me for the rest of my life.

“Challis, in the box or up the stairs.”

He grabbed the hair at my nape and yanked my face up until our eyes locked. A fierceness brewed in clench of his jaw and the harsh glint in his eyes. His free hand worked the belt of his pants, and I leaned forward to help, remaining on my knees, exactly where I belonged.

With my mouth watering to taste him, I yanked on the zipper to his jeans. His cock bobbed free, and I dared to glance at him.

“Master, may I worship your cock?”

He gave a harsh nod, but pointed to the cage. “Get in, and suck me from behind the bars.”

I scooted behind the steel door, and with a harsh clang of metal, he locked me in.

He shoved his cock through the bars, and the coarse tone of his voice made me tremble. “Kiss the crown of your master.”

And, with my lips wrapped around my husband’s cock, I became my Master’s slave.


And now, my dear friend Nichole Watson has some words to add to this challenge. She is picking…um writing about my wonderful PA Sophie!

Circling the cage, the room was silent except for the clicking of the heels to my boots on the wood floor.  He is magnificent as he sits in the position I had ordered. Resting on his knees, arms turned with his palms up and his head down. The image has me ready for the nights play. My pet is is so obedient and ready for me to be his everything.  In this moment I am his world, his source of freedom,  I am his Mistress.

In my left hand I yield what will bring him the sweetest extacy. The pleasure I know he craves. As I slowly circle him I flick the crop against my thigh-high leather boots. The sound causing his breaths to come more rapid.  A beautiful flush starting to reflect upon his naked skin. The Blindfold he wears amplifying evert movement I make.

As I flick the crop, I run my fingers over the cool metal of the cage.  Letting the sensation calm me allowing me to ensure my pet is needy for my touch and the touch of my crop. Luca is what every Mistress would want. His training resulting in the perfect reflection of trust and submission.

Coming to the side of the cage, I stop. Through the bars, I give him the first touch of the toy I have chosen for the night. As I touch the crop to his naked back, I hear the intake of breath that he makes. I visually see the muscles of his body tighten in anticipation of what I might do. Slowly I begin to drag the crop down his back until I rest the crop at his perfectly defined ass. Flicking the crop slightly I lay a light strike and smile.

“You are a delight to see inside my cage ready for me and my instruction. Would you like Mistress Sophie to set you free so you may feel the pleasure of my crop?”

The room falls silent except for the the sounds of Luca’s breathing.  Like the good pet he is he does not answer as I have not given him permission to respond. I flick the crop again making contact with his skin but nothing compared to what I will give him when he is free from the cage. I walk in front of the cage.

“Very good my pet. Now would you like Mistress to set you free to receive your pleasure?  You may answer now.”

“Yes please Mistress Sophie.  I would be honored to feel the pleasure of your crop.”

I enter the code and at the sound of the lock clicking open it sends a heat through my body.  Reaching for his hand I guide him out of the cage and position him for our play. The room thick with the energy we have filled it with.

“Are you ready my pet? Do you wish for Mistress to begin? Answer your Mistress. “

“Yy yes Mistress I am ready.”

I extend my arm back and place the first strike upon his skin. The sound filling the room with the start of our nights play.

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