This is a series of short posts that are now growing into a fuller story…come follow along with me as these characters breathe life into their world….I'm reposting from the beginning.


I've been brought to the pit again for him to fight for me, and when the next piece of flesh thrown in there is dead, he'll finally have me. I've lost track of time, but I've spent weeks with the promises of what he will visit on my flesh. Down in the pit he waits and you are only just now arriving to meet your fate.

Light falls over the hardened planes of your rough cut muscle, casting deep shadows over your strength. A mystery to everyone in this foul place, the Deep Dark swallows you with your step from out of the light and into shadow.

These monsters ask themselves a question. ‘Will he?'

And I shudder, wondering the same. My gaze locks on you, my shackles shake with your arrival. I'd only had a moments' glimpse while your broad shoulders blocked the light. Your features, hidden from my sight, brought forth images of power, of strength, of lust. Your body vibrated with primal need, and mine answered.

Fear spiked through me, and my chains rattled knowing you drew near. But I did not belong to you. No, not yet.

First, you had to beat the man in the pit beneath me, and I doubted you would. If you succeeded though, you'd win the honor of gazing upon me. It would spur you on to winning your next fight, and the next.

The beast down there, a feral creature, had one more contest before he won the right to claim me. He'd seen me, touched me, kissed me, and fondled me. Four men he'd killed. The fifth–you–would earn him a night free with me, unless, you my dear warrior–unless you killed him.

Then, you would earn your first prize. The right to gaze upon me would be yours. And I would begin the game all over again.

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