I'm participating in a Flash Fiction Challenge this month and posted my Flash piece for the day, put it on my Facebook feed and invited my author friends to Flash with me. You can read my FLASH HERE…This post is from my dear friend Nichole Watson…see Flash is FUN!



Wiping the tears that had stained my cheeks I quickly left the bar. My last minute decision to have drinks with my coworkers because Brad had to work late had resulted in me minus one boyfriend and best friend.  No I couldn't remain friends with the person I had just seen with her tongue down my boyfriends throat. The same best friend who happened to be Brad's receptionist.
With anger building inside at the thought of the other body parts Brad had enjoyed on her I headed back to the apartment.  I was more pissed than upset at the situation.  I mean it doesn't get more cliché than screwing your receptionist. My goal was to get to the apartment and throw all of his shit off the balcony.  I didn't need explanations, no I just wanted him gone. I wanted to send them a group text to tell them how perfect they were for each other.
Once in the apartment I got the really expensive bottle of scotch and turned up the music. I began throwing his cherished possessions off the balcony. One by one and with each item that exploded into a million pieces my smile got wider. The thought of Brad on his knees trying to salvage what was lost made me laugh out loud. Sipping the scotch I sat in the dark and waited. my-flash-fiction-challenge
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