The challenge today was to use a random word generator to generate 10 random words and use those words in the Flash piece. I posted mine here.

Nichole's piece is below:


Nichole’s words.

Aversion, mood, flap, creation, love sick, bluff, devil, bazooka, deathly, murderer


I had to maintain the (bluff) and follow the exact instructions that Roland had given me about Valentina, the  character (creation) that got me through the doors of his fortress.  If he suspected my reasons for being there were other than being his gift, my life would be the next added to his body count. Whether I lived or died hung delicately by a (flap) with the dance I was currently doing with the (devil).


Ajax wasn't some nobody thug. He had carefully and methodically built the empire he had. I had heard stories at the Club where I danced of the amount of blood that had been she'd at his hands.  After being here with him I had no doubt he was capable of being the (murderer) they accused him of being. I had seen the secret room in the basement, the one that housed guns as big as a (Bazooka).


Even though I should have been frightened by him I instead found myself (love sick), in desperate need of him to want me. My biggest (aversion) to being here gathering information as originally planned was that my heart had actually allowed him in. The man who in public had the (deathly) cold emotionless stare but whose (mood) would shift when it was just us. Gone was the steel he wore and replaced with warmth and gentleness.  My heart ached knowing soon this would all crumble and he would be taken down all because of me.

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